Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nerves and Transformers

Ok, I admit. I'm nervous about something that the suspense is almost killing me. There is no where else for me to rant but here. So far, this year has been kind to me. I mean VERY kind. At the start of 2007 I promised myself that I would become more serious and really push the envelope. Six months after, I can actually say that I'm on my way. Of course, there are some unexpected bumps on the road, but all in all, it's been pretty darn good. Back to that thing I'm nervous about. I can't say yet what it is, but hopefully come Friday (now's Thursday), everything will turn out alright. Sometimes I wish I never took that chance, because the agony is almost unbearable. I planned to drown myself playing computer games tonight, but I chose not to. Here I am, munching a ham sandwich, talking nonsense.

Later, the Transformers movie will be showing! Before I go to work, I'm gonna hit the mall and try to get tickets for tonight. My brother and a few cousins of mine are watching it with me. I've been looking forward to the movie since last year, so this is a very welcome distraction in light of what's going on with me right now. I grew up playing and collecting Transformers toys. I had every single Dinobot, Constructicon, Insecticon, Aerobot and Combaticon. Had I known their potential value back then, I would've not passed them down to my younger cousins whose idea of fun was mutilating helpless robots.

The news of the upcoming movie really brought back those memories and I can honestly say that I'm now a certified junkie. The trailers look awesome, so naturally I would like to see that translated to the actual movie. I'll be posting a review right after. And then mope till tomorrow.

See ya!

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