Thursday, June 28, 2007

Transformers, Here I Come!

So right after lunch I dropped by the mall and bought 10 tickets for the Transformers movie. The movie is showing in two cinemas. Cinema 1's last full show is at 7:10PM -- too early for me and my co-movie watchers. So I settled for cinema 2, where it had a 7:40 and 10:30PM show. Damn, that means the movie is at least 2 hours long!

I was supposed to go to the gym right after work today with one of my friends, whom I also got a ticket for tonight. She sent me a text message saying that we might as well run half an hour on the treadmill and split so we'd have enought time to freshen up and not miss the movie.

Speaking of working out, I haven't played badminton in a while. My cousin whom I usually play with is leaving for Dubai for good next month, meaning I won't be able to get enough people each week to play coz we're down to 3. Even though I'd like to hit the courts twice or thrice a week, it's impossible! Argh! Do you play badminton here in Davao City? I'd gladly join any group of strangers just to play. Don't worry, I'm a decent smasher but I'm kinda weak at drop shots. But overall I'm average. Meh.

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  1. i'll gladly play badminton with you cousin dear..ΓΌ kuykuy left us na! nooooo!