Monday, July 2, 2007

At The Malagos Garden Resort

Yesterday, Me and fellow bloggers Aileen, Migs and Blogie drove down to the Malagos Garden Resort here in Davao City for some nature tripping. We were supposed to visit Eden Nature Park, but we figured since Aileen had been there before, it would be nice to see something different. It was my first time there too, and Migs'.

The entrance fee cost us P100 each. I wasn't expecting much, thankfully, because the place was not well maintained. It reminded me of the Eagle Park. A shame. But I enjoyed it nonetheless, because of the company I had (teehee) and all the interesting wildlife we encountered. I was surprised to see obese chickens as we walked toward the Butterfly Sanctuary. I'm not kidding. They're fat as hell!

Here's one of them:

And another:

Some of the butterflies we saw:

Although most of them were black and white, they were still a great shot!

As my friends began to notice, I was afraid to go near the ostriches. For me, they're modern-day velociraptors!

Look at how ferocious they can get!! Rawr!

I loved this bird because it had a mohawk:

And this bird was funny. Whenever we walk past it, it seems to stand frozen in time. That's why it's the easiest one to photograph!

This is the gang cooling off at the Roofdeck Cafe:

(L-R: Migs, Andrew, Blogie, Aileen)

I ordered a Club Sandwich that was pretty good. Aileen had a Ham Pizza while Blog had Empanadas and Migs a Chicken Sandwich. Let's just say that Migs and I were the only ones who enjoyed our food. ;)


  1. Modern day velociraptors indeed!!!

  2. Kmausta ang mga kagat ng insects?

    they seem to like you! pati yung duck! hehehehe

  3. The chickens were soooo cute! It was my first time to see such obese chicken!!! I hated the insects though, good thing we didn't end up having an eye infection.

    And super thanks for bringing me there!

  4. @Ria: Yeah! They're dangerous!

    @Migs: Ack.. I was bitten pretty bad. All the wildlife seem to be attracted to me, but I'm afraid/allergic of all of them!!

    @Aileen(?): Yeah the chickens were very cute. Did you manage to get the bug out of your eye? The one that got into my eye was quite big. Good thing we didn't get an infection indeed! That would've been disastrous!