Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hitting the Courts Again

Ahhh. Yesterday I finally got to play my favorite sport again, Badminton! It's been more than 2 months I think since I last played. Good thing I bumped into my friend Tom while I was working out. I was actually resting from my ab exercises that time. The workout area is at the second floor and as I looked down at the courts, I saw him! So I came down to chat. He invited me to join his group.

My performance was so-so. Well, blame my two-month hiatus. I also have this problem of getting tired easily, albeit only initially. I get all my energy back after a few minutes of rest and I'm like the Energizer bunny all throughout. I'm still a bit rusty on my smashes. I think I charge at the shuttlecock too late or too low. I dunno. Most of my attempts do not end up going over the net. I think I have to analyze the situation to know when a smash is or isn't a good decision. Today I'm hitting the gym with a friend of mine. I'm trying to achieve my lifelong goal of having abs. Meh.

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