Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Workout

It's going to be a month since I began working out here at the Smashville gym. What is nice about this place is it's not that crowded. When I came in this afternoon, it was just me and my friend on the treadmill machines! Cool! But shortly thereafter, one person entered. Meh. But still, 3 people ain't a crowd.

Yes, I am actually at the gym waiting for my friend to finish freshening up. She has the penchant for saunas, which gives me plenty of time to write this post. It's cool here because there's an Internet station with 6 PC's that only us gym members can use anytime we want. I usually check my emails after a 20-minute run on the treadmill, then head up to the gym for my stretching and weightlifting program. When I'm done I quickly get into my clothes and go back to recheck my emails and approve blog comments. I don't like taking showers in public baths by the way and I hate saunas!

I've been on and off on my workout routine since college. I'm definitely not the muscle-bound type as you'd imagine. I'm still very slim. But since I reactivated my so-called healthy lifestyle last June, I did gain about 12 pounds. Before that I was just pathetically underweight and lanky. Anyway, I stopped again in April when the new gym I went to became too claustrophobic. I hate it when people go to the gym only to socialize. You know, those types who take their sweet time on exercise machines chatting without really giving a damn that others are waiting on them. That gym is Holiday Spa. And I got the worst gym instructor in the whole world.

By the time my birthday arrived (June 5), I had wanted to go back working out. Out of the 12 pounds I previously gained, it's gone down to 7. Since I haven't seen my friends in a while, I decided to treat them out a few days later and one of them said she and another friend of ours (who wasn't there) had recently become members of the Smashville gym. Excited, I immediately tagged along with them the following day and got a free trial workout. Impressed with the facilities and the *sweet* absence of people, I signed up right then and there.

Since I didn't want to bulk up too much and look like Popeye, my gym instructor Eric gave me a "toning" program. The program is focused on a lot of stretching and abdominal exercises. Boy, I didn't know stretching could be so tiresome! I freakin' failed the stretching test during my pre-workout checkup! At the beginning, I had such a difficult time stretching my legs up straight. Clearly I'm not gonna win the Mr. Flexible title anytime soon. But after a month, I'm much more comfortable now. Eric even gave me more difficult exercises, which is fine by me. After stretching, I have to do a few weightlifting stuff for different parts of my body.

I've become addicted to my new "healthy lifestyle" that I recently bought a box of cereal to replace my fat-infused midnight snacks! Funny though that I'm already halfway through the box! My diet hasn't exactly changed yet. But I am trying to eat more fish in place of beef and pork. I'm going to renew my membership this weekend. Hopefully that is a good sign of things to come.


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