Sunday, July 22, 2007

What Sells More? Salable or Bestseller?

There's a new byword in sales pitching: SALABLE.

I've been hearing this aplenty here in Davao City. When I ask for recommendations from baristas, waiters, salesladies, managers or chefs, they say, "Sir, this is salable po". From what I know, the word simply means "it can be sold" or "available for purchase", not necessarily selling like hotcakes.

Whatever happened to BESTSELLER? Has that become an obsolete word? I cringe when I think of bookstores labeling books as salable.

On a side note, I also find it off-putting when someone says "For a while" when I'm asked to wait on the phone. Who invents these phrases??


  1. Salable... haha!!! Definitely, a Davao word. I think.

  2. I will leave the 'bestseller' word to the books, i suppose =). If i wouldn't have read your post, the 'salable' word wouldn't matter to me. Jeez, now it does. LOL

    Are you saying the term 'salable' originated in Davao? Cute! =p

  3. So there's Davao English! Maybe it's a direct translation from DavaoeƱo?