Thursday, August 2, 2007

Abs-olutely Difficult

For the past few days I've become very serious about my diet and workout regimen. Basically, I'm trying to get rid of my belly and yes, get one of those elusive 6-pack abs. My friends and cousins are telling me that I didn't need to workout since I'm very slender-looking. Well, yeah, with my clothes on! But don't get me wrong, you won't see me posing naked in a porn magazine anytime soon. It's just that I'm not getting any younger and the thought of inheriting my dad's basketball-belly freaks me out! (Love you dad) My dad was thinner than me at my age, so my future doesn't look too good.

My ab routine takes longer than everything else during my workout. I do 150 declined crunches, 150 ball crunches, 150 more for obliques on the same ball, 100 reclined leg raises and 100 side cable bends. It's pure torture, I'm telling you. But I'm going to ask my trainer to include a couple more to really push me to the limit. So far, I'm seeing some progress. My cargo shorts fit me better and I do notice that my tummy's becoming leaner. All my boxer shorts are also looser. But for me to make my abs popout I have to get rid of all the fat around my waist. Yikes.

For my diet, I've been binging on a combination of pasta and tuna. I'm cutting down on my rice intake drastically. For the pasta I only eat a little of that since that is still carbohydrates just like rice. I try to avoid beef and pork altogether. If my mom serves chicken I only eat the breast part, which I'm learning to enjoy. I'm a big fish eater, so I can live with my cans of Century Tuna if I run out of options.

I usually like to hit the gym with my gym buddies, Christine and Gil. Either one of them will do, as long as I have someone to talk to when I'm bored. But when I'm alone, I just go about my business and do the deed as fast as I can. One old guy is harassing my friend Christine by saying hi's and hello's at her whenever he can. He better not do anything crazy or else ... well, he's bigger than me so let's cross the bridge when we get there lol :) I heard that he's a lawyer too but that doesn't scare me. I usually don't pay attention to anyone I don't know but there's a couple of chubby girls who seem to have a peculiar interest in me. Lol. Unfortunately, my groupies don't stop there and I'd rather not talk about the rest of them. *goosebumps* As for me, like I said, I have the attention span of a dumbbell so anyone who's attractive should slap me in the face for me to notice them.

When I do get those abs I'll take some pictures and post them here, God forbid. :D


  1. thanks for the invite.
    my blog is now part of the zamboanga directory

  2. tell christine to quite being lazy and focus on those glutes. they need help. maybe she can turn that ironing board into a respectable speed bump. miracles can happen.