Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where Ya From? The Di-Prom!!

So I came from a quick trip to Manila recently and all I can say is I'm a certified promdi!! Hehehe. Although I spent a mere 3 days there, it was fantastic because I got to meet up with many of my friends. On my first day, I went to Glorietta mall in Makati to eat a late lunch at Friday's with Miss Google Earth Aileen Apolo. I also met Jay of I had to apologize to the both of them because I haven't taken a shower for more than a day. I smelled like crap. Hehehe.

Next, I met up with the crew, this time clean and showered and dressed in fresh clothing. We munched on delicious Italian food at the Sicilian Express, located in front of the Metro Walk in Ortigas. It was extra special because it was the first time the mod team were complete! I promised them we'd do another round come December.

(L-R Alvin aka quickbrownfox, Ronie aka nidoking, Marx aka yukino_silvermaine, Andrew aka drew and RJ aka orochi)

We did a little road trip from Ortigas to UP Diliman and Philcoa to play Dota. I had a lot of fun!!

As if that weren't enough, I headed to my friend K's house for a small barkada reunion. Besides K (yes, that's her only name), my other lawyer-friends Paolo, Vanessa and Eric (K's hubby) were there. I wonder why I didn't become a lawyer. I am quite good at lying. Anyway, Eric offered me some wonderful salmon sashimi that I gobbled up in less than a minute. Having no sleep at all since my flight, I was already groggy when suddenly it rained pretty hard. I had to wait 3 hours before I can leave. My friends were chatting about legal mumbo-jumbo while I lay on a chair half asleep. Oh my, what a way to start a vacation in Manila!!

Next day, Saturday, it was my cute nieces' birthday party at the Grand Terrace in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. That was the main reason I came to Manila since my father paid for my ticket and I was dying to see my nieces. I didn't realize how spoiled they were until I saw the place. It probably cost my father a good 25,000 pesos to rent the place just for the party. Back when I was 3, the best birthday party I can get would be a small spaghetti and coca-cola affair in our backyard. Still, I'm quite happy for my nieces especially the older one named Mavis. She said after the party: I'm sooo happy! That in itself was worth the price. On a side note, that shirt I'm wearing is the same shirt I wore the night before because I was required to wear something white! Gross!!

To be continued :)


  1. Salamat sa bisita! But I'd rather go to Davao! Sayang we weren't able to go to MOA. Next time ha!

  2. @aileen: I know, it's way better here!! Hehehe. Sorry about canceling MOA, I texted my dad that I needed the car but he claims he didn't get it!! GRRR!! Next time! Happy a great trip to Mountain View. Tell Larry and Sergey I said hi. ^_^

  3. You're like kadiri... not taking a bath and like making ulit a shirt... ANUH?! Seriously... thanks for the Krispy Kreme overload!!! :P

  4. It was nice meeting you as well. How about your frustration with getting a cab from Makati to Cubao? :)