Thursday, September 27, 2007

Workout Progress Report

It's been about 4 months since I started hitting the gym again and I'm happy to report that I am seeing some progress. Not that you'd care though. Haha.

When I started, I weighed 68 kilos or 149 pounds. That's slightly overweight for someone of my height. My body mass index was at 24 and my waist was 34 inches.

Now, I'm down to 63 kilos or 138 pounds. That now makes me slightly underweight. What gives? But anyway, my BMI's improved to 18 and my waist is now 31 inches. My BMI is still not within the "Fit" range. But it shouldn't be too difficult coz to be "fit" my BMI has to be 17, which is only a point away.

I still find it hard to diet. But I've managed to cut down my intake of rice by half. I consume only a cup of rice per day, a half for lunch and a half for dinner. I reward myself in the weekends with a hefty meal at a favorite restaurant. I don't know why but lately I'm always craving for pizza, particularly the Manager's Choice pizza at Shakey's.

I find it sad that now at my age I can't eat all the foods that I want and I actually have to work out to speed up my metabolism and lose weight. Oh well. Anyway, here's something that'll make you laugh. Upon enrollment this girl who evaluated me wrote some funny stuff on my card:

Too bad it's kinda blurry. But notice that she checked Female under Sex. Beside Goal she wrote: Loss Weight, Tunning. Could help but snicker every time I start my workout


  1. magkalapit na tayo ng weight. hehehehe

  2. @yagit: Really?? I'd say you only weigh 120 lbs. Unless, you're much taller than me.