Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Life is Full of Pain

What? An emo post by Andrew??


No really, my life is full of pain because my neck and back hurt like hell!!

Since my trip to Singapore I stopped going to the gym. It was only two days ago when I came back and look what happens. Last night I couldn't even enjoy my dinner because of the pain. :( So I got a massage at a nearby spa, which helped a teeny bit. I wanna go back and get another one! Ok, addict.

No, I ain't going emo on my 6-7 readers. Well, things are quite dandy except for this stupid pain on my back. Nothing to emo about then. :) Lol.

* * * * *

BTW, there's a Davao Hotel you might want to stay at while you're in town. Check it out :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

What in the World is Ginanggang??

Ginanggang is grilled banana on a skewer brushed with butter or margarine then sprinkled with sugar. It's pure heaven, and it costs a measly three pesos (~7 US cents)!

Sorry for the ugly pictures, I used my camera phone.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Techno-Stressed I Am

So far this week I have not stepped into a cafe to "wifi". My cousin Ria can attest to that. Why? Because I'm techno-stressed as my friend Aileen lovingly calls it.

From now on I promise myself not to wifi more than three times a week. It's not only taking a toll on my body, but also on my wallet. It ain't cheap ya know! For now I am relaxing even though my work tasks are piling up. I plan on getting another massage tomorrow and see if I can get any work done in the evening. Next week, when I *hopefully* get my mojo back, I'm gonna finish up all pending work so I don't have to worry about them while I'm in Manila for iBlog4. I've made tons of plans already with Aileen, Ria and Migs and hopefully other bloggers can join us too.

If you're techno-stressed like me it helps to blog about inane stuff like photography. Ok don't get me wrong but I love photography, but I consider it only a hobby of mine. I love to blog about my pictures as you can see and it makes me forget things that stress me out. If you do like taking pictures try making a photoblog because all you have to do is post the pics, say a few stuffsss and voila... you are know a photoblogger. Hehehe. Alright it's getting late gotta get some rest.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gucci Gang in Singapore

My Gucci Gang pic. 'Nuff said. Hehehe.