Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Counting Calories

The funny thing about me is I'm very conscious about my weight but at the same time I eat like a hungry trucker. Since last week I began my quest to lose my belly -- a trait from my dad that hasn't fully manifested itself yet thanks to my yo-yo dieting. I'm having some success in building my upper body after two freakin' years of hitting the gym. I was super skinny before, it ain't even funny. To build my upper body, I had to eat a lot of protein. And what better way to eat protein but with lots of carbohydrates, ergo, rice. As a result my tummy ballooned to unprecedented (dis)proportions. So now I'm focusing on cardio exercise such as running and playing badminton and not so much on weight lifting.

If you're trying desperately to lose weight, what works for me is halving my rice intake. If you're the type that consumes a pile of rice and little viand, I say STOP, now na! Thankfully, I'm not like that, but I love rice. Anyway, limit it to half a cup for lunch and another half for dinner. Another bane to my diet is Iced Tea. I'm a confessed Iced Tea addict like my pal Jay. Unfortunately, my evil friend Aileen also introduced me to Kopiroti's equally evil Iced Tea with Milk while I was in Manila last month. Ugh, I drink it at least 3 times a week now! Zzzzzzz. Did you know that a glass of Nestea iced tea contains 125 calories? A bottle of it has 250 calories. ZZZzzz!! I tried desperately to avoid it by drinking Coke Light or Coke Zero instead. But I discovered that caffeine and me don't mix. So I'm back with Nestea. Since this is a post about dieting, don't follow my example lol! Stick to clean, natural, fresh water. *cough* boring *cough* Ohhh have you tried those awesome Chocolate shakes at Shakey's?? Hahahaha.

Side Story:
Odd story about my ex-badminton group. I was introduced to it by my friends Tom and Paolo. It was weird because it was like an organization with a President, Secretary, Treasurer, division heads and even a set of rules!! I didn't really like everyone so I stopped playing with them. They were strict about not showing up! You had to pay a penalty. Are they whacked or what!? Now Tom and Paolo stopped going with them too. Pffft.


  1. Kuya, hahaha... na-addict ka na rin pala sa "tea with milk" ng Kopi Roti. Sarap noh? Ako talagang dinadayo ko pa sila sa Mall of Asia just to have a glass of that dang thing. I had to diet as well when you guys left. Nag-balloon din ang tummy ko kasi after eating and eating and eating. Grabeh!