Monday, December 29, 2008

Bloggers Christmas Party

A few pictures from our Christmas party yesterday!!

[Me, Ria and Gwing]

[Jude(?), Angel, Jim, Chattee]

[Angel, Jim, Chattee]

[Me and Gwing]

[Angel and Dominique (who was also celebrating his birthday)]

[What are Chattee and Brendel doing?]

[Gwingston FTW]

[Andrew, Gwing, Ria, Winston]

The party was held at the World Palace, which is practically on the same street as my house, Gwing's, Blogie's and Ria's hahaha. Talk about convenient. The food was great particularly the calamares (squid rings) and buttered chicken. I could have stayed a bit longer had my tummy behaved appropriately. But I had fun! Till next time!


  1. Bakit walang pictures of me? sad fez...

  2. hala ang saya ng party. too bad I was not able to stay the whole time. :D

    *** Ang cute ng pic namin. ahihiihhi