Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Awesome Nieces

Times like these, I miss all the people who matter to me. But out of all of them I miss my nieces the most.

They both are the daughters of my brother Dennis who's based in Manila. His family didn't come home to Davao for the holidays because his wife was having pregnancy issues. This bummed out everyone in my clan but it was for the best, I guess. My mom was the most bummed out.

Each of them has her own personality.

Mavis (aka Maria Venice) is the shy and sweet one, but there's another side of her when she's not in the mood. One moment she's adorable and another she's like the queen of the damned lol. But as she got older she's toned down a LOT and now she's a pleasure to be with 24/7. Mavis also has a natural sense of humor which she probably got from me (hmm) and a great love for animals (definitely not from me). She loves to dance like my mom. When she's all grown up I'm sure she'll break a thousand adolescent hearts haha. And I'll be there to break their skulls!

Maddi (aka Maria Danica) is the feisty one. She knows what she wants and makes sure she gets it! Being the second child Maddi follows on her older sister's footsteps. When you first approach her she's extremely shy. But when she sees that Mavis has opened up to you, she'll follow suit. She likes to bully Mavis around because she knows that Mavis won't fight back. Wait till their new baby sister arrives! As you can see Maddi is also quite easy on the eyes. Wow, I can already imagine the headaches coming our way when they hit puberty. :\

Maby, the upcoming third baby, will be born in April this year. I can't wait!

To my three nieces: I love you a lot! Hope to see you in February!! (ok maybe just two of you)


  1. Miss ko na din sila Kuy, lalo na si Mavis, coz I like her sense of humor, kaya click na click kami. Hope to see them soon, punta tayo sa horse stable, pagdating nila dito.

  2. they are really adorable kuy. mura lang singot kaayo si mavis sa pic...pilit-pilit ang hair! but maddi looks like gwangers. katakot! lalu na yung sa last pic. lola ivy would be so proud. yikes, does it mean kamukha rin siya ni mudra?

  3. wait a minute kapeng mainit, by missing people you love does that include me too? bwahahahahahaha!

  4. @seesil: Hehe comedian si Mavis eh! While Maddi is more spontaneous.

    @tinky: awww of course included ka! coz the people left here are just -meh- (you know who!)

  5. cute ni maddi!

    the coutz... ipa repair na!

  6. HAY KAGIGIL! Dapat gi-post mo pic nila with teh dogs.

  7. waaaa.. ang cute nila. :D si mavis looks like my cuz. :D

  8. awww.. ang sweet naman. :) so how old are they?

    masaya pag may bata sa bahay.. hindi nagiging dull. malaking bagay pati yung pag uuwi ka from work, meron sasalubong sayo na bata; nakakawala ng stress.. :)

  9. EW. Y does mavis like animals?? Hahahaha!! Baby ko pa nakita c mavis :( Im sure d sha mag lapit saken when she sees me.

    Kuy kelngan nla ng bodyguard and no boys till 21 hahaha!! :p kwawa naman c kuya dennis baka magkaroon ng maraming white hair pag dalaga ng mga toh!! Kase ka mga gwapita!!