Monday, January 26, 2009

My Chinese Grandfather

Surrounded by the Chinese in Macau

I dunno about you, but my family never celebrates the Chinese New Year, despite us having authentic Chinese roots. Our heritage traces back to my great-great-grandfather Lim Chuan Juna who as a teen left China during the 1800's to try his luck in Mindanao. I found out that he's way way cooler than I thought. He started out as a pearl diver and fisherman in Jolo and later made a living trading pearls. Comparing him to myself -- he easily beats my web development profession 10 to 1 on the awesomeness scale. I mean come on, he owned practically all of Davao City when he got here. He owned ranches, coconut plantations and hectares upon hectares of useless real estate LOL. He was such a big rockstar that he changed his name to Francisco Villa-Abrille. Ok. But he was a nice guy at the same time, coz he freakin' gave away most of the land and left us with nothing! Just kidding. He left us a good amount of commercial land but my family thought that by selling them they were actually being shrewd businessmen.

*Ducks* Yes gramps, they sold everything!

I feel bad though because only 1/16 of gramps is left inside of me. I'm sure that had we met, we'd get along pretty darn well. We're sooooo similar. We're both goodlooking (as proven by the pics above), athletic (I'm a gym bunny, he dived for pearls for crying out loud), enterprising (I make money online, lots of it; He was just a plain filthy rich bastard). If I had a chance to meet someone who's dead, he'd be the first person on my list of most desired dead people to meet. Ok, please don't show up in my room without prior warning!

To my gramps: I apologize for not caring about your country of origin's excuse for a New Year. The non-Chinese one was more exciting.

Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Cei Tenks Bai!


  1. Well, SOMEONE's getting haunted tonight..

  2. I'm not Chinese, but I find Chinese New Year to be more exciting than the non-Chinese one (which is actually my sister's birthday... so we're celebrating that more than the New Year). My Chinese friends/relatives really now how to throw a good party. :)

  3. kuya you just asked for it....hala ka!!!:) hahahha. Kung hei fat choy!

  4. interesting facts about your heritage. now you must make your life worthy enough so when you become a great great great grandfather, one of your great great great grandchildren will blog about you in high fashion like this. :D

  5. Hi.

    I am visitor of your blog lately/recently.

    And I am used to visit Alleba Blog.

    Just asking:

    Are you the owner of the aforementioned blog?

  6. @RJ: Whew, he didn't show up last night. Good luck to me tonight :c

    @fruityoaty: You're lucky. Seriously, no one in my family even greeted me. LOL

    @Bong: Looks like you had a grand celebration yesterday :P

    @tinky: NOOOOO X(

    @jaydj: lol the pressure is on!

    @tristan: Oh, my cover has been blown. Yes I own that blog. Hehe.

  7. Ako po ay purong pilipino...

    ninuno ko po si apolinario mabini.

    hindi ko shure kung may dugong chiniz ako... sana meron.. para half pinoy, half Chinese, and half spanish.

  8. @KoyaMigs: Ok lang yan koya. At least mas sikat ninuno mo!


    Lolo should haunt the elders who sold the hectares, not us. :P

  10. @Ria: I know right?! All that land wasted. ugghhh

  11. Oh... so Juna Subdivision's name came from your gramps! It's always nice to learn about historical nuggets like this. :-)

  12. Wow! Your great-grandpa is uber-cool lah! I'm sure he'll visit you soon! Teehee.