Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Diet

My friend RJ asked me to email him my diet.

I'm not sure if you'll agree with it but it works for me :D Here it is:

1. Avoid eating too many rice. Half cup for lunch, half cup for dinner, better if brown rice.

2. Drink green tea to speed up metabolism.

3. Avoid eating fatty parts of meat. Go for the lean parts of beef, pork and chicken. Eat any part of fish :P

4. Don't drink sodas -- including diet sodas.

5. Don't drink 'fad' drinks such as Vitamin Water or Gatorade.

6. Drink 100% juice (e.g. orange, grapefruit or pineapple), don't drink artificially sweetened juices.

7. Preferably, drink water. Lots of it.

8. Don't drink frapuccinos or milkshakes or slurpees.

9. Avoid salty foods like potato chips, fries.

10. Secret hehe

11. Eat cheese only sparingly; avoid butter

12. In between meals, if hungry, eat a handful of raisins, prunes or dried cranberries. Fresh fruits like bananas, pomelo, apples, oranges, grapes are also good.

13. Eat something sweet after each meal to lessen cravings (see #12 for examples)

14. Eat dinner early between 6-7pm. Don't eat anything heavy afterwards.

15. Do vigorous cardio (jogging, running or spinning NOT walking) for an hour, 3-4 times a week. If you're working, you may exercise at night. You actually burn more calories.

16. Sleep at least 7 hours. You gain weight if you lack sleep.

17. If you eat chocolate, don't buy white or milk, go for dark. If you don't like dark, don't eat chocolate!

18. Take multivitamins like Centrum. Also take a probiotic supplement (acidophilus/bifidus) and/or an enzyme supplement (check Healthy Options) to aid in digestion. B vitamin supplements help you lose weight but make you feel hungrier. L-carnitine supplements help you burn more fat if you exercise.

19. Don't hesitate to splurge on weekends, but ease up on the rice, bread, sugar and fat intake.

20. Try to keep a diary, journal or blog to record what you've been eating. It makes you more self-conscious about your diet.

Let me know if you have violent reactions!


  1. I had no hand in determining my diet, thanks to my allergies (chocolate, chicken, crab, powdered drinks). Tapos ang usapan about diet hahahaha.

  2. Naaliw ako sa picture LOL

    Thanks for info #16! :D

  3. masaya na ako kasi yung first half eh, nagagawa ko... until i realized it's a 20 point list... kung 10 sana almost perfect ako....

    and where's no. 10 ? is it an easter egg within the page ? is it a top secret diet tip ? ooooohhhh.

  4. @Aileen: Hurray for allergies! :D

    @RJ: I guess that's fine if taken in moderation.

    @Mica: Onga ang lusog ni Jehz hehe

    @jaydj: Secret ung #10 ^^

    @tristan: Sure!

  5. Hi there.

    I would like to know.

    Do you go to the gym? What is the name of the gym? Is it a kanto gym, or is it a high-end gym like Eclipse Gym. Fitness First, Gold's Gym, or Slimmers World? Where does this gym you go to located