Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Virtual Office

I can say that I have officially transformed Caffe Firenzo into my own little office. I love how the place is set up. The ordering area is on the ground floor while the main dining area where the comfy seats are is on the mezzanine. Gives me a sense of privacy somehow. The food is nice especially the whole wheat sandwiches. The drinks -- well, I've heard complaints that they taste like cough syrup. But if you know me too well you know that I like gross medicine-tasting drinks. I dunno but I'm weird that way.

Today I had a nice Raspberry Iced Tea (P75):

Tastes like Robitussin mmmmm :P

After an hour I had my all-time favorite Corned Beef Sandwich on whole wheat bread (P60):

Freckin' delicious!

* * * * *

My friends invited me to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Or rather, I invited them. Ok I don't remember lol. Anyway we saw it at the NCCC mall near our house. NCCC is the best place to watch movies in Davao IMO.

The movie was long and dragging but I enjoyed every bit of it. I was simply amazed by the makeup effects that made Cate Blanchett look like a teenage ballerina and eventually into the old woman on her deathbed. Not to mention the effects applied on Brad Pitt, who through time was made to look younger and younger. There was one point in the movie where he looked like his prime when he was just starting out as an actor in the 90's. Wow, I have to applaud the makeup artist. Or the CG artist if he was responsible for it. Or whoever. A guy who sat 2 seats away from me was in total awe that he commented, "Ang gwapo ni Brad Pitt!" (Brad Pitt is so handsome!) Hahaha. And he said that to his girlfriend.

The movie made me reflect on myself. Why do I fuss about my appearance when I know that it will all be gone when I'm old and wrinkly? Why do I try too hard to earn a decent living when I know that I can't take it with me when I vanish from the Earth? Who created the buttons on my shirt? LOL

For now I can't come up with a convincing answer to these questions. But I guess I'm only making the best out of my life. I'd be doing myself an injustice if I allowed myself to be fugly and poor at the same time. Life is a great thing. I'll enjoy it to the fullest. That's why I'm going ziplining this afternoon :P

* * * * *

Sorry for the abrupt ending^^. Let me end this post properly. So I went ziplining yesterday with 11 other people. The surprise of the day was my friend's 50-ish mom tagged along. She turned out to be the bravest among the twelve of us. Talk about living life to the fullest!


  1. Hmmmm... maybe i should blog about Krispy Kreme GH, my virtual office hehe :D

  2. kuy isa lang ang kasagutan sa first question: VANITY!!!:)

  3. @Micamyx: Yeah you should blog about it! Gogogo!

    @tinky: Lagi. Sad fes. Hahaha.

  4. My office is in the clouds. Teehee.

  5. pretty cool huh, the meds are kicking in.. lol