Friday, February 27, 2009

Angry Post

I went to the bank today to deposit my money$. As I waited for my banker (LOL - she's actually a very close cousin of mine), I came upon a news article about Amiel Alcantara, a schoolboy who got run over by a stupid woman. Jeeeeez, what happened to him just pisses me off so bad! I know I can't speak for Amiel's family, but reading that article angered me! That woman who killed him, named something Torres (let's call her Terroress), didn't show any emotion when Amiel's dad approached her. Terroress was like, "There's nothing I can do. It was an accident." No apology, no sorry.

"Sorry." That would have meant the world to the dad. Fine, it was an accident. But come on, show some good manners lady! If she's as crazy as what the article paints her to be, then she had no business driving that van in the first place. Retarded people and automobiles shouldn't mix.

--- ZEN ---

Ok, admittedly I'm not feeling my best for the past few days. My back is hurting, particularly my lower left side radiating down to my buttock. It hurts sometimes when I walk, especially when I stand up after sitting or getting out of my car. My friend-slash-physical therapist says I should rest for 4-5 days. Meaning I'm not allowed to work out! I think I'm gonna go crazy! But I'm following his orders. I really hope I'll be ok by next Monday. I'm gonna miss my spinning buddies even if I don't talk to them harhar.

* * * * *

Last week I caught a ridiculous segment on Good Morning America. I think it was called "5 ways to save during a financial meltdown" or something to that effect. One of the lady guest's suggestions was to cut your DSL connection and switch to dial-up. Ok. That's forgivable. I mean, if you don't download much or if you're technically challenged DSL would be nice to have but if you're crunched, dial-up is ok. HOWEVER. The lady then suggested that you end your cable tv subscription. Now the bitch has crossed the line. The host asked her, "What am I gonna watch now?". Acting smart, she says, "Oh, didn't you know there's a site called where you can watch most of your favorite shows?". Is it me or did she just tell everyone to watch high-def TV shows on dial-up?? She's seriously high on something and must be arrested for giving out shady advice.

* * * * *

I'm sooo pumped to see the Watchmen movie next week. Haven't read the book but I'm going to. Reviews at Rotten Tomatoes are glowing. But they're the same bunch of dorks that lambasted Push, which I totally dug. Still watching Watchmen.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

I had a discussion with my mom about my plans on working in Singapore. I pretty much have the job in the bag. But I don't know if the salary is enough to make such a move worth the trouble. She agrees with me. The prospective employer says they got the food, water, electricity and rent covered. The salary basically becomes excess money for me to spend around. Initially, I was after the experience of living independently after living so long under my parents' roofs. I found the idea tempting but scary. It still scares me as a matter of fact. So freakishly scary that I've imagined all the scenarios that might ruin my experience there:

1. I'll miss everyone here at home. In short, I'll be terribly lonely and homesick. And I don't make friends quickly. /wrist

2. I won't adapt to life in the office. From experience I despise working in an office setting and I end up hating everyone I work with.

3. I won't adapt well to Singaporean culture. What is their culture like anyway?

4. My apartment most likely will suck. It'll be small and claustrophobic for sure. Yes, I'm used to living in big houses.

5. As a result of my inevitable depression I will eat everything in sight and balloon to a whopping 500 lbs. The food in Singapore is just f***in too good to pass especially the dimsum.

6. Because the food is expensive and I will be subjected to an unlimited display of expensive gadgetry, I will spend all my money and go bankrupt. I lose my job coz I wouldn't fit in the elevator. I'm forced to sell my Macbook Air, iPods, DSLR and Nintendo Wii in order to survive.

7. Now fat, poor, homeless and without gadgets, I have lost all will to live. Thus, I apply at McDonald's to become that Grimace mascot.

8. On a SG$5/hr salary and a hefty appetite, I have to work approximately 2 months to afford a plane ticket going back to the Philippines.

9. Unfortunately McDonald's management realized too late that rotund purple blobs are not acceptable in Singaporean society. I get arrested, convicted and deported back to my country.

10. So much for working hard for my ticket. T_T

UPDATE: What a silly post this has become, I could only grimace (pun intended) LOL. I worry too much. It couldn't be that horrible to work in Sing Town right? A couple of people who have read this stupid post said that I should go for it. But.. but.. the salary's too low!! They probably think I'm going on a vacation or something. This is real life people! I know I'm Andrew the bum/slacker/spoiled/traveler/spoiled/oops/said/that/already but we're talking about my future here. There's a lot at stake and I consider this a big big step. Got advice fer a friend? Post a comment!!

* * * * *

My mom suggested that I put up my own cafe instead. The coffee business in Davao is booming. Two new cafes opened last week alone but they kinda sucked.

CONTINUED... One of the reasons why I hate office life is I don't deal well with people. Maybe I'm shy or maybe I hate it with a passion! As I mentioned previously I used to manage a coffee shop in Manila. That experience was horrible, not to mention my baristas were swiping money off the counter. I immediately fired them but it left a permanent scar on me.

I'm better off doing what I do best -- web development. That way my only enemy is myself. However lately it's boring the shit out of me. I also got one other online job that sounds cool but it's a snooze festival as well. What will I do now? What? What?

* * * * *

This July I'm going to Europe with 4 of my cousins. The plan is to hop on 4 countries -- France, Spain, Italy and the Vatican. Can you believe it? The Vadicuhn? Yesh, Andrew the Excomunicado will visit the Pope. Don't worry I'm bringing my fire extinguisher in case of a sudden burst of flames. I hope that pushes through or I'm seriously gonna lose my sanity! wahhhhh!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Wonder... Plus Other Ramblings

I said in my "25 Things About Me" post that I'm thinking of moving to a different country. I wonder what that would be like.

The countries I'm considering are Singapore, USA and the UK. I'm leaning towards Singapore because of its proximity and most of its people speak English. Their funky accent will take some getting used to but the heck with that. How about the USA? I've lived there for 5 years and I have tons of relatives scattered from coast to coast. But it's so faaaaar and I'm gonna miss my mom and dad and my friends :c Bah, I know I'm an old fart but that's the way I am. The UK? It's a long shot but it would be interesting just to try.

* * * * *

I know, I know. Why don't I blog regularly anymore?

I was busy lately. 50% busy with my brick and mortar business and 50% with my online gigs. Brick and what? My mom handed me her bakery business about 3 years ago. In all seriousness, handling a bakery is 27 times more difficult than managing a website or blog. It's because we're dealing with real people everyday versus online traffic from anonymous people that I don't really see. Admittedly, business has suffered because of the troubled economy and competition springing up everywhere. What to do? I strongly believe that our pastries and cakes are our forte. Our apple pie (P450) is the BOMB. Please don't hesitate to order in my comments section hehe. Last Thursday I went around 5 coffee shops to give out samples of our baked products. I'm 100% certain they'll like them but the question is will they bite? One cafe that liked our apple pie ordered one the next day. Swell. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. The pressure to keep the business afloat is on my shoulders. It's been with our family for decades so I'm not giving it up without a fight. And seriously, my shoulders are hurting! I need a massage!

I'm gonna make a more detailed promotional blog post about our goodies soon :P

* * * * *

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Thus, I treated myself with a new pair of Sanuks coz I needed something comfy for my perpetually tired feet. I was a little shocked about the price (P2,990). I thought they were only about P2,000-P2,500. They are ridiculously comfortable but I feel short wearing them and they sort of look like clown shoes (think Ronald McDonald).

I also got a pleasant surprise when my 4 year-old niece Mavis called to greet me a Happy Valentine's Day. Part of the surprise was why the hell does she have a cellphone?? But she was cute and I miss her so much.

I know a lot of couples who look forward to Valentine's. Honestly I don't care about Valentine's and it's not because I don't have someone to celebrate it with. I've been in love before but from what I've seen through the course of my life -- myself falling out of love, cheated on, my own parents separating, aunts and uncles separating, cousins divorcing -- I conclude that love is not a many splendored thing. LOL

I have a cousin who has the most convoluted view of love. She's bright and beautiful but has an ogre of a boyfriend who's cheated on her twice. His most recent affair with a trashy nurse lasted a year and 3 months before she found out (through Friendster!). But still she insists that he loves her and he will change for the better. Even if she denies it she is worried about not finding someone else, which is insane because she is, like I said, bright and beautiful. Not to mention a successful and respected pediatrician. That only proves doctors aren't exactly the most intelligent people around. Ok, I said "bright", right? I take that back. To my cousin: If you're reading this, I want to tell you that you're crazy. If you choose that ogre over us, I respect your decision. But I reserve the right to call you a dumbass from time to time.

* * * * *

Movie recommendation of the week: "Push" starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. 4 out of 5 stars. Too lazy to write a full review, hehehehe. Just take my word for it and watch it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged five freckin times on Facebook for this meme! Twice yesterday, twice the day before that, once today! Because two of my mom's sisters are my 'friends', I decided to play safe by answering the meme here. Ok, 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you... lalalala LOL

Here goes.

1. I'm the youngest of three. I have two older twin brothers named David Christopher and Dennis Edward.

2. Andrew is my middle name. My first name is Joseph. Please don't call me Erap or Joe.

3. I live with my mom in Davao City. My dad is in Manila. They're separated. :c

4. I studied in the USA when I was in second and third grade. For the first 1 1/2 years I studied in Santa Clara, California. My school's name was Pomeroy Elementary School. Then I transferred to East Prarie High in Skokie, Illinois to finish the semester. After that the whole family moved back to the Philippines for reasons unknown to me. =\

5. We had a bakery in the states called "Golden Croissant".

6. When I was a kid I thought babies were conceived merely by kissing.

7. I've been punched only once my whole life. By David. He got pissed because I wouldn't lend him my new stereo hahaha.

8. I have a Bachelor's degree in Management Economics. It has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm doing now.

9. My cousin Pauline doesn't know this but I began dabbling in web design because I got jealous after seeing her personal homepage on Geocities. And the rest, as they say, is history.

10. My first "major" website was, a community for text messaging fanatics lol. It's gone now.

11. I'm quite hard to please. I spend hours and hours designing something and I end up hating it.

12. I like helping people but I hate asking others for favors.

13. I can't stand snorers.

14. My favorite TV show of all time is LOST.

15. I like all sorts of music. Britney Spears, Les Miserables, Fall Out Boy. You name it. Ok, maybe except heavy metal and rap.

16. I have a vast collection of karaoke mp3's that I sing to while driving.

17. If I was down in my luck I'd probably be a chauffer by now.

18. I got my ear pierced in New York City. My classmates said I looked like a Backstreet Boy. Sadly my ear got infected, forcing me to take it off. My dad would have killed me anyway.

19. I'm very protective of my first cousins on both sides.

20. I'm bad at recognizing faces. Worsened by my poor vision and memory.

21. I don't smoke or drink. If I do drink, I go for cocktails or hard drinks. I think beer is awful and that's why it's cheaper.

22. I'm good at bowling and badminton but I haven't practiced for a long time.

23. I hate all animals except fish and turtles.

24. Three years ago I figured in an accident that involved a tricycle falling into a canal. Not my fault!

25. I'm thinking of moving to a different country.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fuck My Life

Today I woke up at 10am to go straight to my computer to check if my websites are up or not FML

Then, I played some Asian guitar music, stripped off my clothes and... took a shower FML

Today I debated whether to go to the gym or not. I didn't FML

Today I hung out at Caffe Firenzo, the same boring place I went yesterday and the day before that FML

I spent two hours working on an API for a website project. After which I was smiling like a big nerd FML

Today I received a total of 4 text messages. 3 on my Globe phone and 1 on my Smart phone. The 3 on my Globe phone were spam messages for get rich quick seminars. The one on Smart came from Smart FML

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

La Core Cafe

As I shuffled through some photos on my N82 phone, I recalled my group's misfortune of visiting a new cafe owned by Korean immigrants. It was hilarious really. It happened sometime in early November last year. We had finished dinner and was willing to try a new place to grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a slice of dessert. Somebody, I don't remember who exactly, suggested we try La Core Cafe near Victoria Plaza. The place looked decent from the outside. We were about to back out because they looked packed. But the waiter person insisted that we come in. So we did. To our chagrin, he led us to the most appalling sofa set we have ever seen in our life. It was bright green and the cushions were almost non-existent that we felt the friction between our asses rubbing against the chair's frail aluminum body.

The ambiance was further marred by a weird janitor who was dutifully playing cheesy organ music. Apparently, the organ was doing all the work for him. The acoustics and background music were presets, and he was just playing along using one hand.

Last but not the least, La Core's owners thought of going along with the Christmas tradition by putting up a Christmas tree of their own. A Christmas tree with a gigantic gift ribbon on top.

I wonder if they gave it away as a present.