Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged five freckin times on Facebook for this meme! Twice yesterday, twice the day before that, once today! Because two of my mom's sisters are my 'friends', I decided to play safe by answering the meme here. Ok, 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you... lalalala LOL

Here goes.

1. I'm the youngest of three. I have two older twin brothers named David Christopher and Dennis Edward.

2. Andrew is my middle name. My first name is Joseph. Please don't call me Erap or Joe.

3. I live with my mom in Davao City. My dad is in Manila. They're separated. :c

4. I studied in the USA when I was in second and third grade. For the first 1 1/2 years I studied in Santa Clara, California. My school's name was Pomeroy Elementary School. Then I transferred to East Prarie High in Skokie, Illinois to finish the semester. After that the whole family moved back to the Philippines for reasons unknown to me. =\

5. We had a bakery in the states called "Golden Croissant".

6. When I was a kid I thought babies were conceived merely by kissing.

7. I've been punched only once my whole life. By David. He got pissed because I wouldn't lend him my new stereo hahaha.

8. I have a Bachelor's degree in Management Economics. It has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm doing now.

9. My cousin Pauline doesn't know this but I began dabbling in web design because I got jealous after seeing her personal homepage on Geocities. And the rest, as they say, is history.

10. My first "major" website was, a community for text messaging fanatics lol. It's gone now.

11. I'm quite hard to please. I spend hours and hours designing something and I end up hating it.

12. I like helping people but I hate asking others for favors.

13. I can't stand snorers.

14. My favorite TV show of all time is LOST.

15. I like all sorts of music. Britney Spears, Les Miserables, Fall Out Boy. You name it. Ok, maybe except heavy metal and rap.

16. I have a vast collection of karaoke mp3's that I sing to while driving.

17. If I was down in my luck I'd probably be a chauffer by now.

18. I got my ear pierced in New York City. My classmates said I looked like a Backstreet Boy. Sadly my ear got infected, forcing me to take it off. My dad would have killed me anyway.

19. I'm very protective of my first cousins on both sides.

20. I'm bad at recognizing faces. Worsened by my poor vision and memory.

21. I don't smoke or drink. If I do drink, I go for cocktails or hard drinks. I think beer is awful and that's why it's cheaper.

22. I'm good at bowling and badminton but I haven't practiced for a long time.

23. I hate all animals except fish and turtles.

24. Three years ago I figured in an accident that involved a tricycle falling into a canal. Not my fault!

25. I'm thinking of moving to a different country.


  1. Awwww so touched with number 19. you do love us!!! bwahahaha.:)

  2. @tinky: hehehe.. hmm... that got me thinking. maybe not all of you bwahaha!

  3. LOST is my fave show too hehe.

  4. @ number 20.... ba't naman? madali kabang makalimot?

  5. Ang cute nung #2 and #6 (haha) hihihih.

  6. Different country!? What happened to that appartment in Makati/Fort??? Waaaah!

  7. wow ang ganda ng domain.. buhayin mo ulit koya :D

  8. uy, i dont smoke or drink too. di ko type beer... kung kelangan, vodka na lang pero konti lanG :D
    cge bowling tayo ulit minsan ! :)

  9. @Marie: cool :P

    @Kevin: Yeah when it comes to people I'm forgetful.

    @Ada: Hehehe! :D Pakiss!

    @RJ: Dun have the money pa haha

    @Jehz: Walang oras wahh.. Tulungan mo ko.

    @jaydj: Yeah namiss ko na magbowling sa MOA :P

    Thanks for your comments guys!!

  10. aaw, makatunaw naman ng puso ang no. 19 k..:) lablab man yan..<3 hahaha

  11. #3 - same story with the parents. I live with neither.
    #4 - studied in the US too - from 1st grade to 4th grade :D 1st grade, I studied in this school called Cabello Elementary School in Union City. Then 2nd to 4th, I transferred to Discovery Center in San Francisco.
    #21 - LOL @ the beer being cheaper. I don't smoke either...though beer I can take. But red wine (not the table wine) and margaritas are <3 :D