Friday, February 27, 2009

Angry Post

I went to the bank today to deposit my money$. As I waited for my banker (LOL - she's actually a very close cousin of mine), I came upon a news article about Amiel Alcantara, a schoolboy who got run over by a stupid woman. Jeeeeez, what happened to him just pisses me off so bad! I know I can't speak for Amiel's family, but reading that article angered me! That woman who killed him, named something Torres (let's call her Terroress), didn't show any emotion when Amiel's dad approached her. Terroress was like, "There's nothing I can do. It was an accident." No apology, no sorry.

"Sorry." That would have meant the world to the dad. Fine, it was an accident. But come on, show some good manners lady! If she's as crazy as what the article paints her to be, then she had no business driving that van in the first place. Retarded people and automobiles shouldn't mix.

--- ZEN ---

Ok, admittedly I'm not feeling my best for the past few days. My back is hurting, particularly my lower left side radiating down to my buttock. It hurts sometimes when I walk, especially when I stand up after sitting or getting out of my car. My friend-slash-physical therapist says I should rest for 4-5 days. Meaning I'm not allowed to work out! I think I'm gonna go crazy! But I'm following his orders. I really hope I'll be ok by next Monday. I'm gonna miss my spinning buddies even if I don't talk to them harhar.

* * * * *

Last week I caught a ridiculous segment on Good Morning America. I think it was called "5 ways to save during a financial meltdown" or something to that effect. One of the lady guest's suggestions was to cut your DSL connection and switch to dial-up. Ok. That's forgivable. I mean, if you don't download much or if you're technically challenged DSL would be nice to have but if you're crunched, dial-up is ok. HOWEVER. The lady then suggested that you end your cable tv subscription. Now the bitch has crossed the line. The host asked her, "What am I gonna watch now?". Acting smart, she says, "Oh, didn't you know there's a site called where you can watch most of your favorite shows?". Is it me or did she just tell everyone to watch high-def TV shows on dial-up?? She's seriously high on something and must be arrested for giving out shady advice.

* * * * *

I'm sooo pumped to see the Watchmen movie next week. Haven't read the book but I'm going to. Reviews at Rotten Tomatoes are glowing. But they're the same bunch of dorks that lambasted Push, which I totally dug. Still watching Watchmen.


  1. Huwag ka na angry... next week andiyan na kami!

  2. @aileen: Hahaha! Di na ako angry! :P See you guys soon!