Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fuck My Life

Today I woke up at 10am to go straight to my computer to check if my websites are up or not FML

Then, I played some Asian guitar music, stripped off my clothes and... took a shower FML

Today I debated whether to go to the gym or not. I didn't FML

Today I hung out at Caffe Firenzo, the same boring place I went yesterday and the day before that FML

I spent two hours working on an API for a website project. After which I was smiling like a big nerd FML

Today I received a total of 4 text messages. 3 on my Globe phone and 1 on my Smart phone. The 3 on my Globe phone were spam messages for get rich quick seminars. The one on Smart came from Smart FML


  1. What does FML mean kuya? sorry. im out of the loop for a while now.

  2. @Mica: Text mo naman ako T_T

    @beejing: LOL

    @tinky: FML = The title of this blog post :P

  3. pag sun na koya, ill bombard u with text messages. (dats if i have no more exams)