Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Wonder... Plus Other Ramblings

I said in my "25 Things About Me" post that I'm thinking of moving to a different country. I wonder what that would be like.

The countries I'm considering are Singapore, USA and the UK. I'm leaning towards Singapore because of its proximity and most of its people speak English. Their funky accent will take some getting used to but the heck with that. How about the USA? I've lived there for 5 years and I have tons of relatives scattered from coast to coast. But it's so faaaaar and I'm gonna miss my mom and dad and my friends :c Bah, I know I'm an old fart but that's the way I am. The UK? It's a long shot but it would be interesting just to try.

* * * * *

I know, I know. Why don't I blog regularly anymore?

I was busy lately. 50% busy with my brick and mortar business and 50% with my online gigs. Brick and what? My mom handed me her bakery business about 3 years ago. In all seriousness, handling a bakery is 27 times more difficult than managing a website or blog. It's because we're dealing with real people everyday versus online traffic from anonymous people that I don't really see. Admittedly, business has suffered because of the troubled economy and competition springing up everywhere. What to do? I strongly believe that our pastries and cakes are our forte. Our apple pie (P450) is the BOMB. Please don't hesitate to order in my comments section hehe. Last Thursday I went around 5 coffee shops to give out samples of our baked products. I'm 100% certain they'll like them but the question is will they bite? One cafe that liked our apple pie ordered one the next day. Swell. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. The pressure to keep the business afloat is on my shoulders. It's been with our family for decades so I'm not giving it up without a fight. And seriously, my shoulders are hurting! I need a massage!

I'm gonna make a more detailed promotional blog post about our goodies soon :P

* * * * *

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Thus, I treated myself with a new pair of Sanuks coz I needed something comfy for my perpetually tired feet. I was a little shocked about the price (P2,990). I thought they were only about P2,000-P2,500. They are ridiculously comfortable but I feel short wearing them and they sort of look like clown shoes (think Ronald McDonald).

I also got a pleasant surprise when my 4 year-old niece Mavis called to greet me a Happy Valentine's Day. Part of the surprise was why the hell does she have a cellphone?? But she was cute and I miss her so much.

I know a lot of couples who look forward to Valentine's. Honestly I don't care about Valentine's and it's not because I don't have someone to celebrate it with. I've been in love before but from what I've seen through the course of my life -- myself falling out of love, cheated on, my own parents separating, aunts and uncles separating, cousins divorcing -- I conclude that love is not a many splendored thing. LOL

I have a cousin who has the most convoluted view of love. She's bright and beautiful but has an ogre of a boyfriend who's cheated on her twice. His most recent affair with a trashy nurse lasted a year and 3 months before she found out (through Friendster!). But still she insists that he loves her and he will change for the better. Even if she denies it she is worried about not finding someone else, which is insane because she is, like I said, bright and beautiful. Not to mention a successful and respected pediatrician. That only proves doctors aren't exactly the most intelligent people around. Ok, I said "bright", right? I take that back. To my cousin: If you're reading this, I want to tell you that you're crazy. If you choose that ogre over us, I respect your decision. But I reserve the right to call you a dumbass from time to time.

* * * * *

Movie recommendation of the week: "Push" starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. 4 out of 5 stars. Too lazy to write a full review, hehehehe. Just take my word for it and watch it!


  1. I dunno what I should comment on coz I kinda giggled about a number of things from the post.

    Tell your cuz though... wake up! Pakausap mo sa akin para matauhan hehe.

  2. You are a cynic! :) I am also separated and I can now foresee another possible scenario on how my daughters and son will perceive marriage and relationships as a whole. We are an obvious product of our parents and it is just sad that sometimes things aren't just meant to be... But aren't you happier that you have become what you are now? Keep on blogging the blues and boredom away... It does help... :)

  3. Go to UK and say hi to my mom and brother for me :D

  4. @Aileen: Yes, I'll set an appointment for you guys to talk. It's an emergency!

    @Alma: Thanks! Unfortunately, I am a cynic. :c But I'm happy.

    @Mica: I will. (unsure)

  5. 4 year old.. may cellphone na? Sus... think of the amount of radiation that she'll have when she turns 40!


    Its a must that those who will be joining DFAT should take home baked goodies from mam bebs.. Export quality yun!

  6. Why does mavis have a cellphone??? SHE IS FOUR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Oops did i just say that? wala lang, it so deserves a violent reaction.

    I did not know you are bitter pala ha, hahahaha!:) it does not mean if everybody else's relationships fail, yours will.:) believe in the ultimate good. char! i don't exactly believe that maganda lang pakinggan. hahaha.

    as for our cousin, i reserve the right to call her that too. actually we have a lot of cousins who are way too bright for their own good...hahhaha na-low eq tuloy!:)