Tuesday, February 3, 2009

La Core Cafe

As I shuffled through some photos on my N82 phone, I recalled my group's misfortune of visiting a new cafe owned by Korean immigrants. It was hilarious really. It happened sometime in early November last year. We had finished dinner and was willing to try a new place to grab a cup of coffee or perhaps a slice of dessert. Somebody, I don't remember who exactly, suggested we try La Core Cafe near Victoria Plaza. The place looked decent from the outside. We were about to back out because they looked packed. But the waiter person insisted that we come in. So we did. To our chagrin, he led us to the most appalling sofa set we have ever seen in our life. It was bright green and the cushions were almost non-existent that we felt the friction between our asses rubbing against the chair's frail aluminum body.

The ambiance was further marred by a weird janitor who was dutifully playing cheesy organ music. Apparently, the organ was doing all the work for him. The acoustics and background music were presets, and he was just playing along using one hand.

Last but not the least, La Core's owners thought of going along with the Christmas tradition by putting up a Christmas tree of their own. A Christmas tree with a gigantic gift ribbon on top.

I wonder if they gave it away as a present.


  1. fail ang christmas tree. hahahah (lmao)

  2. Baka may pa-raffle ng Xmas tree :P

  3. It was an excruciating experience, wasn't it? And the coffee tasted really fugly. :-&

  4. dapat ng Arirang na lang kayo


    its the worst cafe in davao. :(

    pero at least until now natatawa pa rin ako pag naaalala ko yan.. lalo na ngayon na may new pictures na lumabas!

    Nag improve na kaya sila?

    Mga koya at ate, Try nga natin ulit!

  6. @Winston: Dadalhin kita dun when you come here.

    @Mica: Haha. Kawawa naman ung nanalo :P

    @Blogie: Yeah, I felt bad already and left out the part about their awful coffee.

    @Carl: La Fail Cafe talaga haha!

    @cecil: Arirang doesn't have coffee :c

    @Migs: Yep memorable and funny sya hehe. We should go back for a take two.