Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

I had a discussion with my mom about my plans on working in Singapore. I pretty much have the job in the bag. But I don't know if the salary is enough to make such a move worth the trouble. She agrees with me. The prospective employer says they got the food, water, electricity and rent covered. The salary basically becomes excess money for me to spend around. Initially, I was after the experience of living independently after living so long under my parents' roofs. I found the idea tempting but scary. It still scares me as a matter of fact. So freakishly scary that I've imagined all the scenarios that might ruin my experience there:

1. I'll miss everyone here at home. In short, I'll be terribly lonely and homesick. And I don't make friends quickly. /wrist

2. I won't adapt to life in the office. From experience I despise working in an office setting and I end up hating everyone I work with.

3. I won't adapt well to Singaporean culture. What is their culture like anyway?

4. My apartment most likely will suck. It'll be small and claustrophobic for sure. Yes, I'm used to living in big houses.

5. As a result of my inevitable depression I will eat everything in sight and balloon to a whopping 500 lbs. The food in Singapore is just f***in too good to pass especially the dimsum.

6. Because the food is expensive and I will be subjected to an unlimited display of expensive gadgetry, I will spend all my money and go bankrupt. I lose my job coz I wouldn't fit in the elevator. I'm forced to sell my Macbook Air, iPods, DSLR and Nintendo Wii in order to survive.

7. Now fat, poor, homeless and without gadgets, I have lost all will to live. Thus, I apply at McDonald's to become that Grimace mascot.

8. On a SG$5/hr salary and a hefty appetite, I have to work approximately 2 months to afford a plane ticket going back to the Philippines.

9. Unfortunately McDonald's management realized too late that rotund purple blobs are not acceptable in Singaporean society. I get arrested, convicted and deported back to my country.

10. So much for working hard for my ticket. T_T

UPDATE: What a silly post this has become, I could only grimace (pun intended) LOL. I worry too much. It couldn't be that horrible to work in Sing Town right? A couple of people who have read this stupid post said that I should go for it. But.. but.. the salary's too low!! They probably think I'm going on a vacation or something. This is real life people! I know I'm Andrew the bum/slacker/spoiled/traveler/spoiled/oops/said/that/already but we're talking about my future here. There's a lot at stake and I consider this a big big step. Got advice fer a friend? Post a comment!!

* * * * *

My mom suggested that I put up my own cafe instead. The coffee business in Davao is booming. Two new cafes opened last week alone but they kinda sucked.

CONTINUED... One of the reasons why I hate office life is I don't deal well with people. Maybe I'm shy or maybe I hate it with a passion! As I mentioned previously I used to manage a coffee shop in Manila. That experience was horrible, not to mention my baristas were swiping money off the counter. I immediately fired them but it left a permanent scar on me.

I'm better off doing what I do best -- web development. That way my only enemy is myself. However lately it's boring the shit out of me. I also got one other online job that sounds cool but it's a snooze festival as well. What will I do now? What? What?

* * * * *

This July I'm going to Europe with 4 of my cousins. The plan is to hop on 4 countries -- France, Spain, Italy and the Vatican. Can you believe it? The Vadicuhn? Yesh, Andrew the Excomunicado will visit the Pope. Don't worry I'm bringing my fire extinguisher in case of a sudden burst of flames. I hope that pushes through or I'm seriously gonna lose my sanity! wahhhhh!


  1. San ba ako magsisimula? Ang daming pwedeng pag-comentan sa sinulat mo, hahaha!:)

    Singapore: it sounds like a good break for you. you don't have a long-term contract naman di ba? so why not peanut? do the things you do now as sideline and get the measly paying job they are offering you there. double (or is it triple?) income ka pa. AND THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS IN SINGAPORE. you can always go to a hawker stall. prices are not bad. don't worry, we'll visit you from time to time for sure (since libre na accomodation). And yes, im sure you're apartment will suck. don't expect it to be rockwell or the fort. hahahaha.

    so when are you guys coming to visit me? para maka-ipon ako at makahanap ng cheap flights!:)

  2. Sa UK ka na lang magwork Kuya :D

    Obviously (again again and again), you're bored. Punta na dito dali haha gawa tayo short films lol :D

  3. you're better off doing business at home :P you have unlimited choices of offices everyday, you don't have a boss to report to (technically), and you're earning while doing nothing. :P

  4. Dito ka na lang sa Davao mag-McDo mascot. May kotse ka pa! XD

  5. Is the small pay worth the job? Dito ka na lang noh, our country needs you here. Nyok.