Friday, March 27, 2009

I Heard It From The Zipline

Andrew, Jeff, Fritz, Chattee, Jayvee, Markku, Hana, Jenny, Maki, Ria, Juned

So, we crackheads had to come back for not one, but two more rounds of ziplining!

One part of our group who didn't make it the previous day -- in particular Jayvee, Jenny and Maki -- who were forcibly dragged from their hotel rooms to experience it with us. Gramps Juned, well, tagged along but wasn't in the mood.

We had to literally pull ourselves across a river on a makeshift raft to reach the trek going up.

Jayvee was half asleep the entire time. LOL.

Nuff said.

Hana was one of the very few (me included :P) who successfully ziplined upside down.

I wish I could say the same for Jeff. Hehehe. Peace!

This pic can be summed up in four letters: F-A-I-L. Hahaha! Who has the video?

Markku had two phones taped back-to-back to capture the moment in 3D.

Jenny was happy and she knows it.

Jenny and Maki.

Juned, Jeff, Maki, Andrew, Fritz, Ria

Oh! Did I mention that I got in for free? Hehehe. But for the second round, I decided to pay. Everyone except Jayvee and Jenny zipped for the second time. While I was up there I asked the staff if there was anything else I haven't done yet. I've done the superman position, seated, upside-down and backward plunge. In the first backward plunge, my back was facing the zipline while one staff person was holding my harness. Then on a count of three, he let go of me. This time, the guy said: do it but without us holding your harness. Basically he asked me to do the "Nestea" plunge. Damn. So I did but as a result my recently-healed hip injury began to hurt again. Pffft. Nevertheless, it was fun. The injury resolved itself in two days anyway so no worries.

Again, if you're the adventurous kind, do try out Asia's fastest and longest zipline at Outland Adventure! Tell them that Andrew sent you. LOL. Visit their website or call/text 082.224.5855. Beginning April 4 till the end of the summer they're open everyday. I was informed that the record holder for the most zips done at Outland was this guy who's done it 17 times! Now's your chance to beat that record!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unseasonable Conversations

At the coffee shop ~ Me: Miss, do you have an iced chocolate? Barista: (pauses) Sir, we have smoothies. Me: No, I only want a chocolate drink on ice. Barista: Sir, we have a mocha. Me: Mmmmm-hmmmm...

On a Hobie Cat ~ Friend: You wanna come scuba diving with us? Me: When? Friend: Most likely between Monday and Wednesday. Me: Let me guess.. Tuesday?

At the Italian resto ~ Me: This pizza is how big? Waiter: Eight slices sir. Me: No I mean what is the size of your pizza? Waiter: Good for 3-4 people sir. Me: O_O

At a department store ~ Clueless Friend: I need a shampoo. Me: (approaches salesgirl) Miss, what is your smallest shampoo? Salesgirl: (picks up a teeny pink bottle of shampoo) Here you go. Me: (hands it over to friend lined up at the counter).

Morning after at the dock ~ Friend: Do you know that the pink shampoo cost me P350? Me: O_O

At home in my mom's room, during a blackout ~ Me: It's sooo hot! I hate this blackout! Mom: Drew. (points to digital photo frame) Why is that on? Drew: Mom, when it was broken, you complained that it wouldn't turn on. Now that it's on, why are you still complaining? Mom: There's a blackout, remember? Me: Oh, yeah. O_O

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zipline Of Love (and Lols)


I had the most awesome time of my life when droves of blogger friends from Manila, GenSan and CDO came over for the Davao Food Appreciation Tour. Part of the sked was to go ziplining on Saturday, March 14. That was, bar none, the funnest part of the three-day event (don't get me wrong, food was great too). *Little* did the others know that they were in for a big surprise -- my friend Jay proposed to my other friend Aileen while she was still attached to the harness! Talk about hung up to dry hehe! But I have to give props to my main man Jay. What he did was ... uh. The sweetiest thing? I'm proud to say that I had a small part in it, even if it meant acting and lying to Aileen's face. (Sorry Aileen LOL)


Fritz (aka Astroboy), Jeff (aka Scolioboy), cuzzes Ria, Gwing and Drew


Green Vs Yellow: Drew, Kuya Migs, Gwing and Aileen (aka Clueless Girl)


Drew and Uber-PA Katherine V. Lara


'D' Sweeties: Jay De Jesus and Aileen Apolo (still clueless at this point)


Gwing, Chattee and Fritz


They're Engaged!!

Congratulations to both of you! Mwahugz!

Thanks to the all of the staff of Excelerator for being the coolest while we were planning this. Kudos to their CEO Matt McNeal for pulling all the strings.

Out of all the ziplines I've been to, Excelerator is the BEST of the BEST. It's also convenient coz it's very close to the city (~20 minutes). Not to mention the longest and fastest zipline in Asia. Excelerator is located in Maa, Davao City. The zipline is a kilometer long and 200 feet high. Cost is P300 per person, P150 if you decide to give it another go. Visit their website: for more details.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Perils of Being Me

... At home I always have to compete with my mom's and brother's out-of-this-world appetites. Yesterday we had a whole box of egg custard rolls and apple strudels from Bread Talk. Last I checked this morning there were only one of each left. O_O

... Despite my above average eating habits, my cousin in Chicago called me manorexic after seeing my picture. In the picture, I was eating. O_O

... When I was younger I had an ultra quick metabolism. Fast forward to the present, I need to do more than an hour's cardio to achieve the same effect O_O

... Compared to my siblings, my parents put the most pressure on me to succeed. I *kinda* hate it but it's for my own good. I guess? But what about ______? O_O

... We have the worst neighbors in the world. In front of us, there's a charismatic church that sings out of tune at 80 decibels every Saturday and Sunday. On our right is a chicken farm. Chickens!!! Noisy ones. On our left is an auto repair shop. The sound of metal scraping against metal never fails to give me a headache. They also have a pet goat that seems to be in constant pain. O_O

... I've been on the world's worst roller coasters but I'm deathly afraid of scuba diving and white water rafting. Must be the water. My next goal: bungee jumping. O_O

... Talking in front of many people is one of my phobias. Others include rats, lizards, snakes, cats and dogs. And scary people. O_O

... I have a bad stutter that comes and goes. O_O

... I love watching cooking shows but all I can do is fry, heat and microwave stuff. I think I have a talent in this but never got the guts to pursue it. O_O

... Everyday, I take more than 10 kinds of vitamins. It's tiresome but if I don't do it I become miserable throughout the day. O_O

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Getting Better

So I guess from the lack of comments you guys aren't much for angry posts eh? lol

I'm glad to report that my back is gradually improving. I'm into my 4th day of abstinence (from exercise) as my Physical Therapist ordered. It's severely affected my mood lately and I apologize for that. It still hurts sometimes to stand up from a chair, but it's gotten better since my last angry rant. I guess I was pushing myself too far physically. You know this spinning business is not for the faint of heart. It can get totally obscene in the middle part of the session when the instructor commands us to "sprint" (meaning to paddle as fast as we can) and switch from seated to standing to the float (or flow?) position every 2 seconds. Ughh. On a lazy day I pick the schedule of the male instructor Korn over the girl Jet. Korn is more lax and easygoing and blurts out occasional corny jokes. Jet is serious and all but she's razor sharp in burning those calories. Then again at 59 kilos I don't need to burn a lot.


Two days ago I resumed spinning. Sadly I was the lone spinner in Korn's class. LOL. It was just me and him spinning away like two crazy persons. "Matira ang matibay" (Survival of the fittest) so he says. I'm going to stop spinning for now and do something else. Perhaps badminton or rock climbing.


I'm mulling over buying a new phone coz my old phone got stolen two weeks ago. I'm looking at the Nokia E71 or the cheaper E63. I might also get a prepaid line but I'm afraid that I'm too lazy to keep "loading" it. Ewan. Bahala na.