Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Perils of Being Me

... At home I always have to compete with my mom's and brother's out-of-this-world appetites. Yesterday we had a whole box of egg custard rolls and apple strudels from Bread Talk. Last I checked this morning there were only one of each left. O_O

... Despite my above average eating habits, my cousin in Chicago called me manorexic after seeing my picture. In the picture, I was eating. O_O

... When I was younger I had an ultra quick metabolism. Fast forward to the present, I need to do more than an hour's cardio to achieve the same effect O_O

... Compared to my siblings, my parents put the most pressure on me to succeed. I *kinda* hate it but it's for my own good. I guess? But what about ______? O_O

... We have the worst neighbors in the world. In front of us, there's a charismatic church that sings out of tune at 80 decibels every Saturday and Sunday. On our right is a chicken farm. Chickens!!! Noisy ones. On our left is an auto repair shop. The sound of metal scraping against metal never fails to give me a headache. They also have a pet goat that seems to be in constant pain. O_O

... I've been on the world's worst roller coasters but I'm deathly afraid of scuba diving and white water rafting. Must be the water. My next goal: bungee jumping. O_O

... Talking in front of many people is one of my phobias. Others include rats, lizards, snakes, cats and dogs. And scary people. O_O

... I have a bad stutter that comes and goes. O_O

... I love watching cooking shows but all I can do is fry, heat and microwave stuff. I think I have a talent in this but never got the guts to pursue it. O_O

... Everyday, I take more than 10 kinds of vitamins. It's tiresome but if I don't do it I become miserable throughout the day. O_O


  1. Say... I heard that the cure for some of the fears you have is vinegar! ;)

  2. hahaha. i dunno which part i should comment. lol.

  3. kuya i don't where to start commenting...hahaha! you should mention that you are a hypchondriac!!! 10 vitamins??? come on!!! dats a prescription for overdose or something.

    do you want to go to culinary school with me when i get back? i've been giving it some serious thought and i think i want to pursue it. hahahaha. allan just rolls his eyes when i tell him this. bakit ko pa daw kailangan magbayad na i can cook at home?

    as for your siblings' appetite...ala ako ma-say kung hindi AMEN!!!! Sa nanay mo naman, sumbong kita, sabi mo matakaw siya. hahahaha.

  4. Let's go diving one of these days.

    Between Monday and Wednesday. Watchathink? LUL

  5. if you wanna take baby steps from diving try reef walking muna XD whoah... 10 vitamins. mag centrum ka nalang para complete +_+

  6. Errr... I've never heard you stutter. EVER!

    @Tinky, CULINARY SCHOOL! Good luck sa teachers mo. :P