Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unseasonable Conversations

At the coffee shop ~ Me: Miss, do you have an iced chocolate? Barista: (pauses) Sir, we have smoothies. Me: No, I only want a chocolate drink on ice. Barista: Sir, we have a mocha. Me: Mmmmm-hmmmm...

On a Hobie Cat ~ Friend: You wanna come scuba diving with us? Me: When? Friend: Most likely between Monday and Wednesday. Me: Let me guess.. Tuesday?

At the Italian resto ~ Me: This pizza is how big? Waiter: Eight slices sir. Me: No I mean what is the size of your pizza? Waiter: Good for 3-4 people sir. Me: O_O

At a department store ~ Clueless Friend: I need a shampoo. Me: (approaches salesgirl) Miss, what is your smallest shampoo? Salesgirl: (picks up a teeny pink bottle of shampoo) Here you go. Me: (hands it over to friend lined up at the counter).

Morning after at the dock ~ Friend: Do you know that the pink shampoo cost me P350? Me: O_O

At home in my mom's room, during a blackout ~ Me: It's sooo hot! I hate this blackout! Mom: Drew. (points to digital photo frame) Why is that on? Drew: Mom, when it was broken, you complained that it wouldn't turn on. Now that it's on, why are you still complaining? Mom: There's a blackout, remember? Me: Oh, yeah. O_O