Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unseasonable Conversations Part Deux

At a brand new cafe in Davao City, named "Coffee Cat", my third time there. I had finished ordering my drink and food, and wanted to ask if there was Internet. Me: Hi, do you already have Wifi? Barista: Oh, are you the one who's going to set it up for us? (omfg did she just say that?)

{Coffee Cat is actually a very nice place with great food and nice shakes. But God help their service crew}


In my mom's room, I was showing her a clip of Susan Boyle's performance of "Memories" on Youtube. Then I showed her another clip of Charice Pempengco singing "Note to God" on Oprah. After, she asked me: Drew, is Hayden Kho's video on Youtube too? (nooooooooooooooooooooo!) Of course I walked out and didn't show it to her LOLz


During a party to celebrate my friend's daughter, I was seated beside my other friend's 7-year-old son. Out of the blue, he asked me: Uncle Andrew, what is a callboy? (wtf are these children learning in school!?) I yelled at my friend: What the hell, your son just asked me what a callboy is!! The punk kid tried to lie himself out of trouble, claiming he said "schoolboy", not "callboy". LOLz I wanted to sucker punch his face. So the mom (my friend) blamed television and shit for his son's curiosity for, wait for it, male prostitutes! Hmmm. She explained (or LIED) to his son that a callboy was someone being paid to answer the telephone. hahahaha! Nice save!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mam Bebs

My mom celebrated her XXth (hehe) birthday last May 8th. We invited some relatives over to eat at a Vietnamese buffet. We went KKB (dutch treat), thus the lack of attendees LOL.

Mom, Andrew, David

The food at Hanoi Restaurant was actually good. I loved the soup, crabs, pork ribs and the dorie fillet. My brother and two cousins didn't like the food as expected.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my dear mom whom I love a lot. Unfortunately I'm horrible at showing it. But I know she knows, right mom? hehe.. My mom is my rock. She's always there when I'm in trouble and always there to encourage me when things get rough. I get annoyed at her when she nags me about saving money but I thank her for that because I do need to save!! I also appreciate that she texts me every single day and asks me what I want to eat for dinner. Awwwwww.

Why do I call her 'Mam Bebs'? It was coined by the staff of our bakery business. Instead of Mam Baby, they say 'Mam Bebs'. I eventually picked up on it and started to call her that. Now my cousins and her sisters call her Mam Bebs haha. And guess what, our bakeshop was renamed to Mam Bebs too! :P

Happy birthday again, Mam Bebs! I <3 you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reasons for not going to iBlog5


Thanks, people. I didn't make it to iBlog5. I heard that you freckin' had lotsa fun, so much that you freckin' decided to have more fun at freckin' Enchanted Kingdom the next freckin' day. Thanks for rubbing it in our faces. And me? I'd have to content myself to the wonderful borefest (aka work) I got myself into. Why wasn't I at iBlog5?

#1 - I'm bankrupt. I spent more than two weeks in Manila, and more recently 5 days in Singapore. Manila and Singapore aren't the cheapest cities around. Au revoir, more than 100k pesos! Nice to have known you!! GRRR

#2 - I'm fixing up paperwork for my Schengen visa. YES, Europe is a go. The original plan was to get my visa while I was in Manila (#1) but I decided to come home coz I don't want to be more broke than I already am. I'll come back when all's final and ready.

#3 - I see iBlog5 as a networking event more than anything. I'm sure there were a handful of great talks, but I'm sure as hell I'm going to sleep through all of them. Ok, maybe except that talk about dying and resurrecting as an awesome blogger loool. :P I'm fortunate enough to get to know tons of bloggers in 2008 and early 2009. Given my $$$ predicament, I think that would suffice as my own #iBlog5. LOL

#4 - There are more opportunities to meet bloggers this year -- Wordcamp in September & MBS in October.

#5 - My mom's birthday was on May 8. Awwwww. Nuff said.

#6 - It's cheaper to watch Star Trek here. In Manila, I'd have to shell out three times the amount, plus parking fees!

* * * * *

Today, I'm paying a visit to my dentist to have my retainers adjusted. Jezas, I hate my teeth! They're all crooked and gap-py and shit. No wonder I often dream about my teeth falling off.

Also, from now on I'll try to make it a habit to jot down all the foods I ate during the day. It'll help in my dieting scheme. Shut up.

A tiny portion of fish steak
Half cup of brown rice
2 chocolate chip cookies
A cup of cranberry juice


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gabbie & Iago

Here's a little pictorial I did with my goddaughter Gabbie and nephew Iago.

Gabbie and Iago

Sad after taking a shower

Iago boy

Smiling at Ninong


Too cute!

Serious Iago Moment

Gabbie and Mom Ina

These pics were taken using my new Panasonic DMC-LX3. It's an awesome camera that's gaining popularity at Flickr. Look at the increase of usage this year:

My primary goal while vacationing in Singapore was to buy me an LX3. I got mine from the Funan Digital Life Mall for SG$680. After GST, it comes down to SG$650 or P21,200. The price difference isn't that significant but I think got a nice deal coz it came with a free camera case, camera stand and an extra battery.

I'll discuss more about the LX3 on my tech blog.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soy Milk: The Solution for the World's Lactose Intolerance


Once upon a time in a strip mall called Bonifacio High Street, two handsome fellows named Andrew and Jehz were hanging out at Krispy Kreme. Jehz bought Andrew a pack of Soy Milk, much to Andrew's chagrin. Andrew said, "Why the f*ck did you buy me soy milk?!" Jehz said, "Wala lang nyok". Andrew punched the straw into the carton and tasted what he thought would be the most awful thing he would ever taste in his life. Surprise, surprise. Andrew was in 7th heaven. On that fateful day did Andrew begin his love affair with... SOY MILK (no not with Jehz LOL)

I have a love-hate relationship with cow's milk. No matter how I love drinking it, it hates me back -- in the form of frequent visits to the bathroom. I'm just glad I discovered soy milk. It tastes similar to regular milk, without all the extra calories and fat. Plus it's got lots of good healthy stuff such as protein, vitamins and fiber. Try looking for the Silk brand. Their chocolate soy milk is terrific. It costs about the same as cow's milk -- at about P120 ($2.50) for a quart, it's found in most groceries in Manila. Unfortunately I haven't had luck finding Silk here in Davao, BUT, Healthy Options carries other brands that you might enjoy. I liked the West Soy™ Soy Shake in Chocolate because of its thick texture similar to Silk, but the flavor is quite creamier. Healthy Options is the bomb when it comes to bland flavorless food LOL

If you do weights at the gym, soy milk may benefit you with its high protein content. I hate protein shakes. Period. Soy milk also promotes a healthy heart, a big plus for me because of my weird heart rhythm. I take one glass in the morning and one more in the evening. Anyway, soy milk is only one part of my health freak regimen. More health freak tips coming right at ya! Soon, I hope.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Drew

My parents, aunts and uncles tease me to this day about my "absence" of hair when I was a baby.

Me and my dad

Wellll, it ain't my fault. Blame my parents! It's their genes at work there! I do think my cuteness makes up for it. (SAY YES!!)

Here's a pic of my mom laughing at how bald I am:

Isn't my mom a hottie? LOL. So was my dad. Next time I'll show you baby pics of my older twin brothers. They were waaaay cuter than me. /wrist