Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Drew

My parents, aunts and uncles tease me to this day about my "absence" of hair when I was a baby.

Me and my dad

Wellll, it ain't my fault. Blame my parents! It's their genes at work there! I do think my cuteness makes up for it. (SAY YES!!)

Here's a pic of my mom laughing at how bald I am:

Isn't my mom a hottie? LOL. So was my dad. Next time I'll show you baby pics of my older twin brothers. They were waaaay cuter than me. /wrist


  1. hahaha.. u resemble your dad. :D

  2. Ang cute ni Baby Drew. Di na sana siya lumaki LOL


  3. are way cuter than your brothers...hahahaha!:)