Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reasons for not going to iBlog5


Thanks, people. I didn't make it to iBlog5. I heard that you freckin' had lotsa fun, so much that you freckin' decided to have more fun at freckin' Enchanted Kingdom the next freckin' day. Thanks for rubbing it in our faces. And me? I'd have to content myself to the wonderful borefest (aka work) I got myself into. Why wasn't I at iBlog5?

#1 - I'm bankrupt. I spent more than two weeks in Manila, and more recently 5 days in Singapore. Manila and Singapore aren't the cheapest cities around. Au revoir, more than 100k pesos! Nice to have known you!! GRRR

#2 - I'm fixing up paperwork for my Schengen visa. YES, Europe is a go. The original plan was to get my visa while I was in Manila (#1) but I decided to come home coz I don't want to be more broke than I already am. I'll come back when all's final and ready.

#3 - I see iBlog5 as a networking event more than anything. I'm sure there were a handful of great talks, but I'm sure as hell I'm going to sleep through all of them. Ok, maybe except that talk about dying and resurrecting as an awesome blogger loool. :P I'm fortunate enough to get to know tons of bloggers in 2008 and early 2009. Given my $$$ predicament, I think that would suffice as my own #iBlog5. LOL

#4 - There are more opportunities to meet bloggers this year -- Wordcamp in September & MBS in October.

#5 - My mom's birthday was on May 8. Awwwww. Nuff said.

#6 - It's cheaper to watch Star Trek here. In Manila, I'd have to shell out three times the amount, plus parking fees!

* * * * *

Today, I'm paying a visit to my dentist to have my retainers adjusted. Jezas, I hate my teeth! They're all crooked and gap-py and shit. No wonder I often dream about my teeth falling off.

Also, from now on I'll try to make it a habit to jot down all the foods I ate during the day. It'll help in my dieting scheme. Shut up.

A tiny portion of fish steak
Half cup of brown rice
2 chocolate chip cookies
A cup of cranberry juice



  1. I wished you were here though. Miss ka na namin ng mga nyoks hehe :P

    Bakit ganun? everytime may magandang event wala ka pero kapag wala naman andito ka lolol

  2. hahaha... it's odd that you're ranting about being broke kuya. :) i wished you were able to go with us. :P You're really malas when it comes to these kinds of events. You always miss the exciting parts. :P

  3. I super LOLed at the photo. Sabi na sayo mag-extend ka eh. May mga susunod pa. Game na yun!


    Also.... AKO LANG ANG BROKE!

    My lunch: Half a Kopi Bun + Kopi!


  5. me, i was not at iBlog 5 too.
    because the day itself is the only available date that me and sha can go on a vacation
    lolz at the dying and resurrecting :D

  6. Bitter Ocampo ikaw ba yan?

    I can't believe you spent so much moolah in the past month! Well at least you now have a Lumix!!! Yebah!

  7. woooooot.. broke? hehehehe.. ok broke. pareho tayo broke.. iba lang ako kasi always broke.. wahehe :D

  8. first time here in your blog..

    sana makasama na rin me sa next year summit

  9. hi there.. san po kau nakakabili ng cranberry juice here in davao? hehehe..