Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quickie Updates

- I'm currently addicted to my PSP. Loaded roms into it. My favorites are Patapon and LocoRoco. I know right? I'm strange. Stay away.

- On my birthday, a friend gave me an awesome shirt that says "Why can't I be rich and not goodlooking". I'm wearing it right now. My secretary said "Kafeeling mo uy!" (You're very feeling hey). While a cousin named Ria gave a similar reaction.

- I sent an email to the owner of with the intent of buying 4 DVD's of Korean dramas, namedly Full House, Cruel Love, Gourmet (2 seasons) and Delicious Proposal. So wrong on so many levels. Tsk.

- I learned that I am going back to Manila to pick up my Schengen visa. BUT, that isn't 100% set in stone. I need to present a revised itinerary coz the previous one was an utter failure. Hope the nice girl who interviewed me would be nice again.

- I am soooooo pumped about my European escapade. I'm touring with three of my cousins from my father side which we don't do a lot because we're scattered across continents. Funny because it's the four of us who formed an exclusive group on Facebook just to gossip on people. There goes our cover. Hahaha.

- We're spending 8 days in France, 8 days in Italy. What is cool is that we'll be in Paris for Bastille Day (July 14), a national holiday that commemorates something really important and French. We expect fireworks and partying on the Champs Elysee. Hell yeah.

- I hope to shake hands with Nikolai Sarkozy and Carla Bruni in the process.

- Being a fan of Dan Brown, I'm taking the Da Vinci Code tour in France and the Angels and Demons tour in Rome. I'm soo going to hell for this.

- My mom hinted that I should study something again. I'm thinking culinary arts but I dunno if I have the patience to study again. She says I should look for a school in New York. Ughhh. I have to think about this.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Thank You

On this special occasion, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me all these years that I've been online (and you can say offline as well). It's been a wild, wild ride but I feel that I still have a lot to accomplish. I admit to slacking a *little* bit last year, except for having a hand in a few memorable events. Other than that, I was nothing. The good news is now I'm feeling energized and ready to take on new challenges in 2009. I have but a few ideas in my head. If you stick it out with me, you'll find out what they are! It also helps that I have a great support system to help me get up when I'm falling or even just returning that favor to them as well. Let me take this opportunity to thank my best friends on the Internet -- namely Ate Aileen (who keeps my feet on the ground), Kuya Jay (who I talk to about geeky stuff), Kuya Winston (my friend who's not a yagit anymore), Kuya Migs (my friend who gives the best tours lol), Ate Mica (my kaladkarin friend), Kuya Jehz (my LOST partner), Ria (who I bug everyday), Gwing (who I can bug every other day) and RJ (my Dota pal). My heartfelt thanks go out to my cousins Tinky (my dining out partner in Manila), Cecil (who puts up with my stupid antics), Ina (my mahjong partner), Greggy (for providing the ice lolz), Chinky (who gives me the best financial advice :P), Mariel (who chats with me even by just using a cellphone), Stephen (my cousin who's just awesome to talk to), Luan (who is changing her mind as we speak), Jonathan (my ex-Dota partner in Dubai)... the list goes on and on and on...

Of course, before I forget -- my mom, dad, brothers David, Dennis, sister Veronica, nieces Mavis, Maddi and Maesi. My friends Christine and Mac and their kids Macy and Cassie.

And thanks to all the uber-fantastic people on Plurk. My days are never boring without you!! I appreciate the early greetings even at this unholy hour. Ok, tama na ang drama. Salamat sa lahat! (headspin)