Friday, July 3, 2009

In Transit

Location: San Francisco Airport, California
Mood: Not in the mood

I'm waiting for my connecting flight to NY that's a good 4 hours away. My cousin drained out my PSP, and I'm about to drain my netbook's battery as well. Long-haul flights really bring out the worst in me. I smell like shit, feel like shit, look like shit. I'm not even going to take pictures. I can't wait to get some decent shuteye when I arrive in New York. Oh, and I paid $7.99 (~P400) to surf the Internet with T-mobile. I'm just thinking it's more expensive in Manila if I surfed the net in Starbucks. This T-mobile wifi pass lasts 24 hours. At Starbucks back home it costs P100/hour.

Anywayyy... my flight wasn't that awful. I was seated in business class, so I was able to fold down my seat to a full-sized bed. I got like 4-5 hours of sleep. The food was so-so but plentiful. Last night I had too much white wine to drink I got a little tipsy LOL. My cousin languished in ghetto economy class. An old Chinese man beside her kept rubbing some herbal oil on his arms. He stunk. Moreover, one of her check-in luggages got drenched in stuff that smelled like spoilt ginseng. I'm like WTF it smelled like feet. A jacket that was inside the bag got badly stained but her other effects were spared. She decided to get rid of the bag and stuff the things in her bigger luggage.

I'm LSS-ing over a song by Boyzone (shut up), "Better". Heard it on the radio the other day and it stuck! Gahhh.

Ok bye for now.