Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'll Shop the Volcom Belt With You

This afternoon, I took my secretary to the mall to buy a cheap cellphone for our baker. I paid P1450 for a Nokia 1202 and an added P60 for a Sun Cellular SIM card.

But that wasn't the highlight of my trip to the mall.

We detoured to the department store to search for belts. Since I only have two usable belts in my wardrobe, I thought I needed one more just to add more variety.

I checked out a rack of cool belts that carried well-known brands such as Volcom and Affliction. The Volcom belts were quite nice and kinda cheap too at P500 (~$10.25) each. Normally these would cost three times more if bought in stores or online. I got two white leather belts with red and black prints. Check em out:

Volcom Belt

White leather belt with red details

Volcom Belt

This one I liked better. It shall now be known as my Warrior Belt lol

* * * * *

My dad's in town and needs some cheering up. We're eating dinner tonight at this swanky Filipino resto downtown. Later!