Monday, September 21, 2009

Kicked (Cigarette) Butt for 5 Years

Quit Smoking

Today, September 21, 2009, marks the 5th year that I quit smoking. I remember that day distinctly. My niece Mavis was just 2 weeks old, and I was over at their house in Commonwealth Avenue to visit. I hadn't smoked yet that time. I finished my pack the night before and wasn't able to buy a fresh one coz my dad was such in a hurry to see his first grandchild. For a baby, Mavis was a cryer. She cried and cried when people came near her. She was also the result of a very difficult pregnancy. Her mom Veronica had to be taken to the hospital several times due to excessive bleeding. There was one particular night when we thought we'd lost her. My dad, my brothers and I took her to Cardinal Santos. Ve was crying a lot and I was worried sick. Thankfully, after several tests, the doctor cleared her to go home, but gave her some meds to alleviate the bleeding. After a few months, Mavis was born. At 6 or so pounds, she was a beautiful, healthy baby. As I looked at her in the viewing gallery, I promised to myself, "I'm going to quit smoking for this kid." And what better day to impose martial law on myself than September 21st?

I spent the rest of the day with my niece. Though I have to admit that I was close to having a convulsion lol. That continued for another 2 weeks, until finally I can say that I successfully quit smoking. And it was all worth it.



  1. woooot! we're uber proud of you koya!!!

  2. I needs something like this to make me quit.

    Oh well, 2months and counting..

  3. that is sweet. you never told me the real reason behind it. :P so that's the "health reason" you were saying. nice. I'm proud of you koya.

  4. Aww is this the koya-where's-my-hello-kitty-thingy girl? It definitely is all worth it ^_^ I have been influencing friends to quit... and some did... and it just made me happy