Monday, October 19, 2009

My Globe Headshot Pic

Globe Headshot

I hate the fact that I don't photograph well. But hats off to the guys of Globe Headshot Clinic, Niccolo Cosme in particular, for coming up with this awesome pic of me. Funny that the theme of the pictorial is "One Youth" while I am waaaay past my youth haha. I was desperate to have a Globe headshot thus I braved the storm that day and had my picture taken. My cousins Ria and Gwing and friends Chattee and Migs were on hand to make fun of me when it was my turn. Their headshots turned out quite cool too.

Globe Headshots

Still haven't seen your headshot? Go to this site and do a search.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Say What, Angkor Wat?

Angkor Wat
The bangs of death that caused the Ankor Wat's demise. The "45" is the number of times the people pleaded before my feet prior to their fiery destruction.

I was screwing around with my old Compaq laptop today and was pleasantly surprised to find my pics from my Cambodia trip still intact!! I visited Thailand and Cambodia with my Aunt Nora and cousin Clarice in October 2006. It was one of those trips I consider most memorable. Thailand was obviously a more economically advanced country that time and had lots of sights and shopping places to offer. While Cambodia was and still is a struggling nation that's trying to get back on its feet after the genocide that occurred during Pol Pot's rule. Siem Reap is a town located in Northwest Cambodia. It is most famous for one thing -- it houses the Angkor Wat, the magnificent temples that reflect the colorful history of the Khmer civilization.

Angkor Wat

Its temples, bar none, are the most beautiful in the world. They just blew away all the temples I saw in Bangkok to smithereens. Not to mention that some schmuck stole my Jack Purcell sneakers in Ayuthaya.

Angkor Wat
The roots of a 200 year old tree clinging to a portion of the Angkor Wat ruins.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat
A view from on top of a temple on a hill.

Angkor Wat

Which we got to riding this. Again, don't mind the bangs and overall chunky appearance haha

Angkor Wat

The fellow driving the elephant was such a wise guy. Notice the tip pocket on his back lol

Angkor Wat

This is that temple on the hill. Nice isn't it?

Angkor Wat

While waiting for sunset, this guy was playing music on a leaf! I guess Levi Celerio (RIP) isn't the only one who can do that!

Angkor Wat

View of the sunset. Somewhat cloudy though. :(

Angkor Wat

Pot belly for the win!!

Angkor Wat

And I conclude this post with a kiss. I love you Siem Reap!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loaded with Work

Just taking a break to blog again. Things have been hectic that lately my time has been split between my tedious online job, my Dota site, my bakery, a potential startup business and Bejeweled (haha). My knee injuries are better and I was really looking forward to going back to the gym today. But I think it's time to finish the workload that piled up during the days I was away before I can proceed with my usual routine.

That's what I have to say for now. :(

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Injured in Singapore

Drew, Christine & Mark
Keeping my composure for photography's sake lolz. Oh, and yes, we're wearing our F1 schwag to boot. :P

It was 30 minutes to boarding and for some reason I thought the plane was going to leave me behind. I was still in the Duty Free area of the Changi Airport and our gate, F38, was 500 miles away. So I decided to make a run for it. In the middle of my dash, I hopped on the walk-on conveyor thinking I'd go faster. To my chagrin, my race for glory ended in a mad, screeching halt. You know what happens when you're running on a treadmill then someone unplugs it? That's what happened to me, only that I was in an airport.

I landed on my knees and hands. They burned. One Chinese janitor dude looked at me with bewilderment. Embarrassed, I stood up and thought, what the heck, if I get left behind, so be it. As I approached gate F38, I noticed a healthy line of people lifting their hand-carried luggage on the x-ray machine. I'm like, what the fuck!? I should have walked instead of making an injured fool of myself and I'd still make it to the flight!! What was I thinking!? So I stood at the end of the queue and gradually, felt the world weighing down on my legs.

I pulled up my shorts and saw the mess I made out of my knees. There was one 3 x 1 inch open wound on my right knee plus one rug burn on the side that's at least 4 inches in length. On my left, there's one small open wound and another rug burn of about the same size. I retreated to the comfort room to wash them, but the sink was too high and I didn't want to make a scene. Instead, I washed my hands. OUCH. Apparently, my hands weren't so lucky either. On my right wrist was one wound that looked as if a chunk of skin was pared off. It's small but it hurts like a bitch. My left middle finger had one too, but tinier.

I decided to suck it up and just ask a flight attendant to help me out once I get on the plane. It's funny that 4 of my friends were the last group of people to board. Two of them were paged three times and were on the brink of being left behind coz they were out shopping! And there I was, beaten to a pulp because of my paranoia. Ughhh! The great thing was a pretty flight attendant named Lisa helped me clean my wounds while curious passengers looked on. She plastered the largest wound to stop the bleeding. The others she left open to dry out. During the course of the flights to Cebu and to Davao three different flight attendants kept tabs on how I was doing. I felt so special lol.

Ok, now the ugly part.


Above is my left knee, already plastered and treated with Betadine. Trust me, you do not want to see what's underneath.


This is my right knee. The one gauzed up is the 3 x 1 inch wound that was bleeding. The bruise that you see is a 4 inch rug burn. This one hurts the most.

When I woke up today the pain has subsided about 80%. I can still feel a bit of a sting here and there. Now the problem is the gauze has attached themselves to my wounds. My cousin/doctor advised me to take a warm shower to soften the gauze so it won't be as painful to peel off. Wish me luck!!