Friday, January 15, 2010

21 Kilometers

Today I hit the gym with an unwavering resolve to finish the 21 kilometer challenge. My gym, Holiday Gym 'n' Spa (lol), organized the 21km challenge to get our asses moving instead of sitting around lifting weights (which for me is boring as hell). The gym has a 200 meter track around its facilities. The challenge involves running around the track 105 times, which is roughly equivalent to, that's right, 21 kilometers. Running 21 kilometers is no easy task. We were given 6 days to complete it. If we do, we're rewarded with a 1-week extension to our monthly memberships!!! Woooot!

I was able to finish it in 5 days. For the most part, I ran 20 rounds straight without walking for 4 days. That's 16 kilometers! Apparently, they also count the rounds wherein I walked. Yes we can walk if we wanted to, and we'll still get the prize so long as we complete 105 laps. But I pushed myself to run instead coz it wouldn't be much of a challenge if I just walked. So.. that's 16 kilometers plus another 3 today = 19 kilometers of pure running! To think before I ran those last 3 kilometers I went spinning for an hour with my cousin. Intense!! *faints*

Anyway I'm helping my cousin lose weight. She asserts that she's overweight but seriously she looks fine to me. Yet she is at that age where she needs to have a regular exercise regimen. I'm glad she decided to take the plunge and I hope she sticks with it. We ended the day with a light dinner and some yoghurt at Coffee Cat. Yum!


  1. i can't run for longer than 4 minutes straight, but i can walk for hours. Brisk walking is my best bet if I want to join a marathon...which by the way I'm joining the 5k Unilab fun run next month. Wish me luck !

  2. @jay: You can try to train by counting your (jogging) laps and gradually increasing them per day, then finish off by brisk walking. That's how I was able to run 4 kilometers without stopping. Anyway good luck with the Unilab run. Kaya yan!