Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

The year 2010, early as it is, has not been good to me. Fortunately I am the type of person that doesn't let his problems become a preoccupation to the point of ruining his life. There are more things to be thankful for than to cry about, I realize. I have a great family, great friends and a great job. My life could not be better. Ok, maybe just a little. To do that, here are my resolutions for the New Year, Chattee style:

1. Have a complete set of abs. It's a frustration of mine that will no longer be a frustration! Going to the gym and being healthy never fail to cheer me up.

2. Shop less, give more. I looked at my closet and saw just how much clothes and shoes I have. Last month I cleared out 20% of it and gave them away to my cousins Jofer and Marc. I want to reduce it by another 20% by February. I will also shop less frequently. In other words, buy only what I need with occasional splurges.

3. Reduce my bills. Cellphone bills, credit card bills, hosting expenses, yes you! I wanna change my cellphone plan and spend only P500 a month for calls and text messages. I need to rethink my hosting arrangements as well.

4. Travel less. I guess it's the year of the less. Last year I visited 6 countries! This year I'll visit two at most.

5. Learn a new skill. I'm thinking wakeboarding or ... I dunno yet.

6. Make more friends. Sungit ko no? LOL

7. Run a marathon. I love running and what better way to add a feather on my cap by completing a marathon. Or... win it? (ASA!!)

8. Design more. DFAT, Wordcamp Philippines... you'll see more of my work this year.

9. Play Dota again. Not so sure about this one but I really really want to play again.

10. Play badminton again. Made a "pact" with some blogger pals. We'll "try" to play badminton once or twice a week. Hehehehe.


  1. On no. 1 - Ako nga 1 AB lang ok na.
    On no. 2 - Wanna throw something my way?
    On no. 3 - Dami mo kasi hosting.
    On no. 4 - Pasalubong koya.
    On no. 5 - Did you get your GC na?
    On no. 6 - Di halata.
    On no. 7 - Trying to catch up with you was a bad idea and I learned my lesson the hard way.
    On no. 8 - Design shirts too
    On no. 9 - Kelan tayo laro LoL?
    On no. 10 - Looking forward to this.

  2. @lyle: on #7.. talaga ha.. hehehe #8 yep I'll design shirts to get people to come lol #9 let's try to play on Wednesday!

  3. 1 - Abs? Woot goodluck with that, you gym addict :P

    2- Penge ng clothes mo and i'll sell it here haha :P

    3 - Php 500 a month?! I bet hindi mo kaya yan lol :P about the credit card, yeah, stop swipping much :|

    4 - I hope i am with you in one of those trips :P

    5 - Parang ang dami na ninyong naaadik sa wakeboarding ah

    6- amf. wag na. zzz pft.

    7 - Go Go Go! Isali mo si Jehz and Winston as your players. Uhm. No.

    8 - Yey! I'm excited for DFAT and wordcamp!

    9 - Wag na.

    10 - Ito pala yun. Kala ko kung saang kulto ka na naki-conive :|

    Goodluck! WOOOOOOOOOOT

  4. @mica: #1 feeling ko kaya ko to gawin hehe #5 haven't tried it yet, sana di ako maadik kasi mahal #6 baaabbbeeee!! #9 but I <3 dota :D

  5. 1-Abs? Woah! buti ka pa 6 packs goal mo. ako stuck at 1 sack
    2-give more? Im just here :D
    3-Go for sun!
    4-Haha. pwede naman 1 country, many cities
    5-New skill? Go Wu shu or tai chi
    7-woot! marathon!
    8-woah! (worship)
    9-They have a new map set up and some new characters. Lightning revenant's pretty strong now.
    10-my badminton buddies are busy T__T sana me too someday

  6. Awwww... Special mention. Nuks.

    1. You have the looks, the moolah, and the brains already. 6-pack abs nalang kulang. Go go go!
    2. Got any spare hoodies/jackets? Same size tayo dba? Hulolz.
    3. Amen.
    4. Try to come up with a max amount to spend on each trip too.
    5. Wakeboarding, I want to try too!
    6. But.. but.. you have close to 500 friends on FB already. :p
    7. Huwaynot!
    8. Can't wait! P.S. Please to design the logos soon. We need 'em for the *ehem* merch *ehem*.
    9. Errr...
    10. I shall remember your tips. Goodluck to the pact. :)

  7. @Van: #4 that is true! less countries, but more cities!! #9 We should play dota sometime. Try League of Legends too!

    @Chattee: #1 Naks friends talaga tayo haha #5 Sama kita sa wakeboarding, baka next week pa. #8 Yesh soon.. question is when? hehe #10 Uhh we need to stick to the pact. I will bug you all everyday. I ain't the CBO for nuthin!

  8. #1 Kayang-kaya. Dadami lalo fans mo.
    #2, 3, 4 MEH!
    #5 COOKING!
    #6 Haha! But really, opening up to more people make you more vulnerable. Bitter ba? Hope you'll be less sungit nga.
    #7, 8, 9, 10 Go lang ng go!