Friday, January 29, 2010

Wakeboarding and Then Some


My arms are hurting from wakeboarding yesterday. Major pains on my left and right forearms, while the right one feels worse. This morning, I washed my hair and body with my left hand. What a struggle considering that I'm right handed. I also washed my face with my left hand. Brushing my teeth was a chore. In a few minutes I'm going to this badminton place, "Smash and Drop" to play badminton with fellow bloggers. I'm not sure how they'll react to see me limping like an old man coz usually I'm the energetic one in the group.

I have yet to get the hang of wakeboarding. It was my second time to try it yesterday. I tried the jumpstart technique, which Bianca (who I just met) suggested to me. She said it was the way she learned it, albeit after a month of trial and error. Basically jumpstart is to stand on a ledge and jump into the water when the rope starts pulling you in. It's more graceful but not necessarily easier. I'd call my attempts a modest success. I was able to glide farther before I fell compared to last week's failure. I spoke to all the "bros" who worked there and they told me that I just needed to find my balance. I hope to be able to do that next week. :)