Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So yesterday I was in my mom's bathroom to look for some cotton buds to clean out the 1-week old wax buildup from my ears lol.. I know disgusting right. As I cleaned my ears I eyed the measuring tape hanging on one of her wall hooks and thought of measuring my.. well.. waist. I took off my shirt and placed the tape around my belly button area. Carefully, I pinched the metallic tip on to the 28 inch mark. Whoa, I wasn't even cheating! Last time I had a 28-inch waist was when I was in high school!! I'm happy because this is my target waistline. The downside of this triumph is all my pants have become loose. Oh well, but my work is paying off! Don't bet on me slowing down though coz I'm still working on those abs. This may take a while... :(


  1. I'm only 6 inches away from that waistline.... but that last time I had that waistline was also in high school and it never stopped increasing. wahh!!!

    mag 31 lang ako, masaya na ako.

  2. Gaaah, 28?!?!

    Thank you for making me feel obese. Kthxbai. Lulz.

  3. Napacheck din tuloy ako.

    Amf, 29 na ako. Two months ago 28 pa ako. This can't be!

  4. Pwedeng magsabi ng PUNYETA KA?! Waistline ko yan nung 1st yr HS. Awts.

  5. @jay: 31 is good already.

    @chattee: no you're not obese!

    @mikko: baka marami ka lang nakain hehe

    @ria: pwede.. hehe

  6. shet, i used to be 28. i gained 3~4 inches now T__T

  7. gash. now i do need a makeover. Gym here i come.