Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fitness Blog?

Last night, over dinner, my friends suggested that I write a fitness blog. I guess I can be a little pushy when it comes to exercise and eating right. It *kinda* worked on them, but will that "pushiness" rub off on my readers? Problem is I feel that I have reached my limit of number of blogs. I've lost count and for some I even forgot my passwords. To make my friends happy, I'll just write some fitness stuff here too.

Oh right, before dinner we played badminton. My friends have improved a lot and beginning to become more aggressive and competitive, which is good coz if not there would be no drive to hone their skills. Though I prefer to play badminton for fun, a little bit of challenge is always good.


  1. Awth. 10 more games, and I'll be better-er. Lolz.

    Kthx for being patient. :)

  2. Because I am scared of THE FITNESS COACH,I snacked on a medium-sized apple at Mam Bebs today.

  3. Keep on playing badminton! It's a good exercise for your body. :)Keep on posting!