Friday, February 26, 2010

Golden Chestnut

I was saddened upon hearing news about my haircutter/hairdresser/hairstylist.. I like to use "haircutter" coz all she really does is cut my hair. Anyway, I was gonna get a haircut yesterday but was told that my beloved haircutter migrated to Dubai. PERFECT. What am I supposed to do now, Pacita?! There you are frolicking in dunes and riding camels yet here I am wallowing in my awful hair!! It's extremely hard to find the right person to cut my hair. Pacita knows my hair like no one else. Today I mourn. :(

As an act of rebellion, I went to my health store and grabbed a box of hair dye and picked out the Golden Chestnut shade. It's the lightest brown I've tried. I was sort of hoping to get a very obvious brown but kinda hesitating at the same time. What the heck.. if I screw this up I could always get Pacita to shave my head.. Wait, she's in Dubai!!! **facepalm**

I fumbled through the instructions like an amateur. I have dyed my hair before using one of those instant all-in-one dyes that came in tubes scribbled with Japanese inscriptions. If memory serves me right, I had to squeeze the dye on a brush and comb it through my hair. This time I had to mix two solutions into a bowl till it becomes thick. Then, with plastic gloves, plop the mixture on my fingers and apply it to my hair. I waited 30 minutes for the dye to set in. Hmmmm...

The result was disappointing. My hair is the same color, cept that my white hair disappeared. Pffft.

This morning I gave myself a trim since I'm too lazy to scout for a new haircutter. Looks pretty good I might say. :D