Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HongKong Here I Come

The last time I was in HongKong was in 2008 while on a sidetrip from Macau. It was but a fleeting moment -- I was there merely to take my niece to Disneyland. We spent a few hours in the park, enjoyed the fireworks, then hopped on a boat back to Macau. What attracts me to HongKong is its vibrancy and abundance of food and shopping options. There's not a dull moment in HongKong and that is why I'm coming back! On a whim I purchased a ticket the moment I heard that Cebu Pacific had a seat sale. I timed it to be around my birthday in June. The catch is I bought the ticket without consulting my family or friends, or even asked any of them to come along. I don't care!! So yeah.. HongKong, watch out... The Dork Knight is coming! hehe

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