Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Okayyy. Let me rant a little bit about my situation. My doctor diagnosed me as having pharyngitis and respiratory tract infection. I thought I had a much simpler case of tonsillitis and common cold. But when she held the stethoscope against my back, she suspected something more sinister. She prescribed an antibiotic to fight the infection and another to lessen the coughing. This totally sucks. Just when my #1 goal for the year is soooo close, I have to take a recess and wait longer. When I'm not going to the gym I tend to eat. Like today.

For lunch I had humba or caramelized pork knuckles. Those three words put together spell disaster. But it was soooo goood. Our cook put a lot of love into making it. She knew I loved mushrooms and chorizo and there were a LOT of it in the stew. I might as well have called it a mushroom and chorizo stew with caramelized pork knuckles. When I got to my office I ordered chicken noodles. An hour later I went out with my secretary to Jaltan to eat puto and ginataan / binignit. Wow, the ginataan was fantastic. And it was cheap (P15)! The puto was nice too. Lani had a slice of biko.. Yeah I know. She says she's on a diet. IKR.

Moving forward, I will get back to writing about my European trip. I believe Italy is next. Watch out for that and please don't take this post as part of my promise to write about fitness LOL Ciao!

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