Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back to Badminton

I'm glad my friends are back from General Santos City! It means we could go back to playing badminton. We're scheduled to play tomorrow from 4-6pm. My cousin Gwing (who's a varsity player) will be around to teach my friends the proper way to play. Also, from now on I'll try to log the food I eat each day. It is supposed to help me stick to my diet.

Lunch: Grilled Maya-maya fish with 1/4 cup brown rice
Afternoon Snack: Ham and Cheese sandwich and half a bottle of Sola Iced Tea (Apple flavor)
Dinner: Beef Caldereta (beef stew) with 1/2 white rice
Late Evening Snack: Chicken Panini and Hot Chocolate

I ate so much!! Ackkkk

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