Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After badminton, we had greaseless chicken at Sunburst. Have to mention that their crispy chicken skin is the best! While eating we had a discussion about the best halo-halo in the Philippines. Well, these friends of mine came from General Santos City and couldn't stop talking about some off-the-beaten-track place somewhere in Cotabato that serves their halo-halo in fresh coconut shells and picks out their ingredients literally off trees. Simpleton that I am, how am I supposed to compete with that? They lash out at my most favorite halo-halo in Davao -- Aling Foping's -- and to add more insult, says that Razon's halo-halo sucks too. And yet after doing so, decide that we should have halo-halo at Chow King, which I now officially don't like (though I love their other dishes).

Speaking of Razon's, their halo-halo is so darn simple and that's why it's good. It doesn't have the nasty beans or monggo or the colorful whatnot that we usually see. All it has are macapuno (sweetened coconut), leche flan, and saging na saba (sweetened bananas). The result is an icy, sweet and creamy dessert that's nothing short of heavenly. In fact, I love Razon's so much that when I go to Aling Foping's, I try to recreate Razon's recipe! When you're in Davao, try the halo-halo of Aling Foping's (Matina Town Square) or Harana (F. Torres Street).

As a postscript, I learned from my cousin that I could buy puto similar to Razon's from St. Paul church, which is right in our neighborhood. I'm excited! I love their puto!**

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Lipton Milk Tea
Lunch: Pork Stew and 1/2 cup brown rice
Dinner: Quarter Chicken, 3 pcs Chicken Skin and 1/2 cup white rice
Late Snack: 1/2 Pomelo

** Puto is steamed rice cakes


  1. Simpleton mo mukha mo. Awts.

    Btw, the Cotabato place for halo-halo was Apareja's. I wasn't able to go though.

  2. @Ria: Simple lang talaga ako na tao. Simply irresistible.. lol

  3. i love the DURIAN halo halo of Aling Foping's!!!
    simply the best!

  4. Razon's will be opening in gensan soon!

  5. hello it'll open few days from now at the sun city complex national hi-way,this is the original from pampanga its owner is clarita razon a 2nd generation razon. Can't wait to check it out.