Monday, May 31, 2010

Memories of Eiffel

Lame pickup line: "Are you that famous tower in Paris? Coz when I saw you, Eiffel in love." Huh.

View of the Eiffel from the Arc De Triomphe

Took this while on top of the Notre Dame Cathedral

My cousin acting stately during a cruise on the Seine.

A nice shot of the tower at night.

Amidst fireworks on Bastille Day.

I'm making it my goal to come back next year to see it once again!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


My flight to Cebu is delayed! We should be boarding by now. Waiting for the status of my flight. I might go to a beach resort today if things go well. :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cebu This Week

I'm so pumped about going to Cebu this Thursday to attend the Cebu Blog Camp, a blogging conference organized by my good friend Winston Almendras. It would be the first blogging event I'm attending in the Visayas region. Friends from Manila and Mindanao are flying in for that too. Should be loads of fun catching up with them. My cousin Ria will be speaking about blogging communities while my babe Mica will talk about Blogging 101. My badminton buddy Dulce of Padd Solutions is a sponsor.

On the day I arrive (Thursday), I'm tagging along with Aileen, Jay and Miguel as they tour the city. It would be Miggy's first time in Cebu, so Aileen wants to make sure that her son sees everything he needs to see. I'm looking forward to taking lots of pics of Cebu's landmarks. And, more importantly, eat their world-famous lechon! Even Anthony Bourdain was impressed with Cebu's take on this native delicacy that he had to feature it on his show. As I asked around for things to do in Cebu, "lechon" was almost in every answer that I got. Aside from that, Casa Verde's Baby Back Ribs, Siomai from Harbor City, Barbecue at Larsian and Golden Cowrie's native food. Somewhere in there, Moon Cafe was also mentioned. I wonder how I'm going to fit that all into my 3-day schedule!

On Friday, we're planning to hit the beach. We haven't decided which resort yet. We're choosing between Tambuli, Maribago and Plantation Bay. Mica might be able to hook us up with a discount at Plantation Bay. I hope she gets it coz I'm dying to go there. In the afternoon we're going back to the city to continue our food binge tour. lol Aileen and I will then meet up with other geeks in the evening.

Saturday is CBC day. I believe it starts early in the morning and ends late afternoon. I'm not familiar with the event's agenda. I hope the lineup of talks will keep me and the rest of the attendees engaged. I'll do a little partying afterwards then go back to my hotel coz I have an early flight to catch the next day.

It's 1:46AM on my clock. Getting dizzy and sleepy! Good night! See you all in Cebu!