Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going to Manila

I'm heading to Manila a few days earlier than my team. This gives me the chance to spend time with my dad and nieces who I cannot wait to see!

Also, I'd like to invite you guys to try It's my startup company's pet project. It allows you to take pictures and share them easily through your social networks. I'm testing our Android app but it's a little buggy when it comes to logging in. I hope to test it full blast while in Manila.

Ohhh.. I'm looking for people to play badminton with! So far Gail, Marc and Poyt said yes. Hope we could reach 6 people. :) Shoutout to my other friends Mica, Winston, Jehz, Maki, Cai, Aileen, Jay, Fritz etc.. laro tayo!


  1. Bakit sila may link love samantalang kami wala :)) Hehe see you laturz! :D

  2. Hope to catcha while you're here in Manila. Don't forget to Serenitea to the max !

  3. Hi Andrew. Perhaps you've come back from Manila now.

    Anyway, I like your blog. I'm from Davao too. I believe we blog the same niche coz I blog about my travels too, my journey in Cebu and Davao. Hope we can exchange links on our blogs. Thanks a lot and Cheers!