Thursday, March 24, 2011

Europe Trip Checklist

One week to go till my trip to Europe! It will be my second time. My first was in July 2009 with three of my cousins. This time I'll be with my mom, aunt, uncle and other "seasoned" travelers :)

I created a list of important stuff to bring with me, most of which are for the purpose of fighting the extreme cold weather and its hazardous effects on my skin.

1. Thermals - I already have three gray ones. My cousin in Madrid warned me that it's VERY cold and dry in Spain. She put it this way: "Kuya, my skin on my entire body has dandruff". Oh shi--

2. North Face Summit Series Jacket - This freakin' jacket set me back more than P10,000. It's light as a feather and tucks neatly into a small pouch and is supposed to be the warmest amongst North Face's offerings. I was told that it's made for people who are climbing Mt. Everest. Well, I'm have no plans on following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary any time soon, but that was the selling point for me.

3. North Face Bonnet - Purchased with the jacket. I like this one coz I look good wearing it -- which is rare.

4. Lotion - I'm at the crossroads on this one. Do I buy a large tub of lotion here in Davao and make my luggage heavier than necessary or do I hold it off and buy it in Europe? I get seriously nasty allergies in cold weather plus the lotions I've tried offered little to no help. I figured though that I might find a better brand in Madrid as opposed to buying a useless bottle from Watsons.

5. "Porma" Jacket - I might do away with this. My porma jacket might just end up covered up by my North Face jacket. Unless, I want to look ridiculous wearing it over the puffy North Face jacket.

6. Comfy Shoes - I checked my 20+ pairs of shoes and none of them fit the description. Well, except one -- a pair of Lacoste sneakers -- thing is its soles have fallen off. I'll head to the mall tomorrow and buy super glue.. and possibly new shoes too.

7. Toiletries - Facial wash, sunscreen, toner, cotton balls, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush, small toothpaste, aqua gel, comb.

8. Stuff to Watch - Episodes of Chuck I haven't seen yet, might look into other shows too. These will keep me busy during the long 15 hour flights.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab - Where "Stuff to Watch" will be watched.

10. Ipod - Could not live without this!

11. Laptop - Again, could not live without this! I'll be semi-working while I'm away.

12. Panasonic Lumix Camera - Any traveler should bring his camera. I've had this gadget for years now and it never fails to give me fabulous pictures!

13. Clothes - Of course! But I have to picky on what to bring. Luggage is tiny.

14. Sunglasses - I dunno why.

15. 1 or 2 bracelets - It's a habit of mine to wear one on my left wrist whenever I go out.

What do you think? Did I miss something?