Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Resolutions for 2012

It's 2012 and I'm thinking "hey why not come up with a new set of resolutions and publish them in a blog post?"

But before I do that, let me share with you my 2010 list and see if I'm up to no good.

1. Have a complete set of abs. - Well I realized that this isn't what I want. My abs are visible but not ripped, which is fine by me. :) HALF CHECK

2. Shop less, give more. - I have given away a TON of my clothes last year to flood victims. Made me feel good to empty my closet and at the same time helping out others! CHECK

3. Reduce my bills. - Switched my cellphone and web hosting plans to cheaper ones. CHECK

4. Travel less. - I came back to Europe and visited China last year. NO CHECK (no worries I had so much fun!)

5. Learn a new skill. - I learned tennis! CHECK

6. Make more friends. - I think I did. lol. CHECK

7. Run a marathon. - Only got to run 10km tops. NO CHECK

8. Design more. - Totally slacked off on this one. NO CHECK

9. Play Dota again. - No time for Dota! Ugh. NO CHECK

10. Play badminton again. - I'm back to playing badminton 2-3 times a week. CHECK

Scorecard: 5.5/10 Not bad eh?

Honestly 2011 was year full of ups and downs, with the downs outnumbering the ups. But I'm happy and looking forward to a great year ahead, and this is how I'm gonna do it: (drumroll please)

1. Travel to Vietnam or Japan. Already made plans with my travel cousin Tinky. If not I'll try to brainwash my friends to come with me.

2. Save up for a trip to London. Four of my friends who traveled to London in 2011 alone all say I should. So I guess I should! I'd like to emphasize that I'm merely "saving up".

3. Visit a local destination: Palawan. I'd love to see the Underground River and Coron. Yes, I have to do this! Right Mica and Renz? :D

4. Shop even less. Yeah I think now is the time to simplify my life. The less stuff I own, the better. And yes, London.

5. Have a more offline life. That means less Facebook, Twitter and Plurk. I'm slowly weaning myself away from Plurk, and cleaning up my Facebook and Twitter timelines. Online detox, so to speak. That, too, means some online properties that are giving me a headache need to be discarded.

6. Buy a new camera. In line with #3, buying a new camera will help me haul my ass off my computer chair and get out more. I wanna shoot nice pictures and possibly get into filmmaking. Hello there Canon 60D.

7. Learn a new language. Perhaps Chinese or Italian.

8. See my nieces more often. My three mini-me's (pictured above) live in Manila and I miss them like crazy. I plan to go to Manila at least twice this year. While I'm at it, I hope to catch up with my friends and my dad.

9. Read more. Now that I have an iPad (thanks to my dear Tita Nora), I can load up ebooks and spend my time just lying around reading.

10. Love life.

What are your resolutions this year?


  1. Hoping you the best for this year kuy!!
    Let's do backpacking, let's get lost at Palawan!


  2. Basta mag backpack tayo sa Palawan. Kahit for once lang Kuy! :P that would be epic!!!

    And oh, gusto mo bang turuan kita ng Chinese, Japanese and Korean! It's so easy to learn those languages. Bwahahahaha Wo sher ni pang yoh la fang? :P

  3. Mark and Renz: I thought Palawan, so I booked Palawan! Why did you pick Boracay???

  4. hanep ang new years resolution mo koy ah.. hehehe :D Niceeeeeeeeeee :D Ako din kelangan ko na gawin yung number 3, or else I'll be dead a few months from now. O__O Di pa me nakakabayad ng mga utang,. hahaha :D